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Live - Rattlesnake - аккорды и текст, таба, бас-таба, видео

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Live - Rattlesnake - аккорды и текст, таба, бас-таба, видео

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Новый альбом группы 'Черный Кузнец' по культовому сериалу 'Сверхъестественное'!
Авторы музыки: Ed Kowalczyk
Авторы текста: Ed Kowalczyk
From Sun Apr 27 11:32:25 1997
Date: Fri, 21 Mar 1997 21:39:46 +1200 (NZST)
From: Peter Shackleton 
Subject: CRD: Rattlesnake by Live


 Written and performed by Live

 From the Secret Samadhi album, published by Radioactive Records

 Tabbed by Peter Shackleton, Gautam Peri: and respectively.

 Tune down 1/2 step on all strings.


 (arguable if the guitar plays the G6    or if it's the bass
 giving the same effect)

     Dsus2     Dsus2

 Dmadd9                    Aadd9          G6   
   Let's go hang out in a mall, or a morgue,
 A smorgasbord                             *=
 Dmadd9                  Aadd9
 Let's go hang out in a church                 e-----
               G6                              B--3--
 We'll go find lurch                           G--0h2
            Dmsus2                             D--0--
 then we'll haul ass down through the abbey    A-----
 is it money, is it fame                       E-----
 what's in a name, shame?
 is it money, is it fame
 or were they always this lame?

        Dmadd9 Aadd9 G6       Dmadd9
 it's a crazy, crazy mixed up town
              Cadd9 Gad6    Dsus2
 but it's the rattlesnake I fear
 in another place, in another time
 I'd be drivin' trucks my dear
 I'd be skinnin' hunted deer  [this line tacet first time]
 Intro riff
 deer, deer

 let's go hang out in a bar
 it's not too far
 we'll take my car
 we'll lay flowers at the grave of jesco white
 the sinner's saint
 the rack is full and so are we
 of laughing gass and ennui


 Bbsus2 Csus2 F G
 Bbsus2 Csus2 Dmadd9
 Bbsus2 Csus2 F G

 solo over chorus chords


 Intro riff

         E A D G B E

 Dmadd9  - - 5 7 6 0
 Aadd9   5 7 7 6 0 0
 G6      3 5 5 4 0 0
 Bbsus2  1 1 3 3 1 1
 Csus2   3 3 5 5 3 3
 Cadd9   - 3 2 0 3 0

Peter Shackleton (, Wellington, NEW ZEALAND
Confidence: the feeling you get before you understand the situation.
***"Rattlesnake" by Live
On the new album, Secret Samadhi

This is a cool song from Live's latest album.  The album's really good,
but it's something that definitely grows on you as you listen to it.

Transcribed by

Tune a 1/2 step down, as per usual for about 99% of Live's songs.

Builds up with keyboards or something, then kicks in with this...

(using heavy distortion)

Dm	Dm	Dm	Dm

(using chorus)

Let's go hang out in a mall,
or a morgue,
	G	Dm

(using heavy distortion)

	 Dm		A	  G		Dm
It's a crazy, crazy mixed up town...
		C	G		Dm
It's the rattlesnake I fear...


Bb	C	F
	(ahhh.... ahhh...)
Bb	C	Dm
Bb	C	F	G	G

Solo to the chorus chord progression.

That's pretty much it; just listen to the song to figure out where
everything goes.  Oh, and the outro is the same as the intro.

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