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Little River Band - Don't Let The Needle Win - аккорды и текст, видео

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Little River Band - Don't Let The Needle Win - аккорды и текст, видео

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Don't Let The Needle Win
Little River Band

david briggs


G		   C		     Em
1. 	You come to me, ask me for that money again,
	C				      D			   C - D
You say that you need it, to ease that nagging feeling inside your brain.
		   G		C				Em	
You know I love you like a brother, that's why I'm holding   out on you
		    C			D			G
I'll give most anything I can,     to see that you pull through.

				C		D		    Em	
refr:	You gotta keep fighting for your life, don't you ever give in
		C			D		   G
It's such a senseless suicide, letting the needle win.

2. 	Life is precious to us all, you got to cling to that thread
It's no use, you're thinking, you won't be found in some back alley dead
You're telling me that you can't stop, no you can't change,
you're caught up in that web
Instead of running, it's time to face up to those
forgotten feelings inside your head

refr: You gotta keep.....

	     F			   C				G
Oh my friend you're so fragile, you blow like a leaf in the wind
		F			   C
It's time to ask yourself why you're hiding away,
	    Em		D - C		     D		      G	
you're locking the door, 	don't let no one else in....

git. solo: som et vers.

(1. 	vers om igjen)

refr: You gotta keep....

slutt ca. som intro  (med sang...)

Добавлено: 31.01.2014
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