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Little Feat - Front Page News - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Little Feat - Front Page News - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Front Page News
Little Feat
Band: Little feat
Song: Front Page News (Hoy-Hoy version)
Album: Hoy-Hoy 

Intro: B F# B F#

B                   F#
Don't it always seem to hit you 
B                   F#
Right when you feel you can lay back easy 
E               B       F#
Those times are hard to come by 
B                  F#
Sittin' still with nothin' on your mind 
B                   F#
Memories are friends that you had 
B                     F#
Once more you'll have to leave again to find them
B               F#                Ebm
It seems like nothing till you're back home
E    B/D#     B                 F#
You took your chances with time
B                   F#
Well I can see you sitting easy 
B             F#
Rocking on your porch back and forth
E                B         F#     B           F#
Those clouds outside your doorway are moving dark and moving fast
E              B/D#
But keep on rockin'
Don't the rain make you lazy
B             F#      Ebm
As long as it keeps raining
E  B/D#
   I'll be with you
No I won't be leaving, no I won't be leaving
Ebm             F#               B
But when the sun starts to shinin'
I'll be on my way
Ebm            F#                B
My past keeps a-comin' back on me
You don't understand it
Ebm                 F#/E
But I know that I didn't plan it
I've taken my rest
                Ebm         E    F#
It's time to carry out the news
Ebm  E      F#
     I said front page, back page
       Ebm   E          Bsus4     F# Ebm E
Have I got news for you
B           F#
If I can only tell you what I feel now
B              F#
It's been so long inside of me
B           F#           B
All the years I've been trying
               F#              E      Ebm    C#
Trying just to be myself with someone else
B            F#
Ain't no two ways about it
B           F#
And it's so clear, so clear to me
B           F#     Ebm
That if we really need it
E  B/D#          B               F#             Ebm  E
   I'll count on you and you can count on me
Добавлено: 03.03.2012
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