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Little Comets - Worry - таба, видео

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Little Comets - Worry - таба, видео

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Little Comets- Worry (Acoustic Version)



Chords (arpeggiated):
  E1  A   F#7

     E1         A                    E1            F#7
Her silhouette    is bleaker than a cigarette
            E1                A
On a tuesday morn when i feel humanity slips
     E1               F#7
from broken hands down to her hips
E1      A                   E1                         F#7
Realising     lethargy in both her eyes and
        E1        A
As the sun emancipates the dawn
    E1                      F#7
her tanlines cackle with the power of the allegory.


For a man, hes deeper than the sundarbans
And the whistful way that he could hold her stare
Leaves heartache hanging in the swollen air

E1 A E1 F#7

And as they fall apart in separate beds
he carves forever in the cheap wooden bedstead

A                    F#m
Realise bitterness in both her eyes
and the way his words could strip
the walls shes climbing

Chrorus x3 nothing in brackets sung first round.
B          C#m     G
(Oh at the end oh no oh?)
I worry about the way she lay
(Oh at the end oh no oh?)
I worry, worry, worry, worry.

Riff x 2

   A                              F#m
He holds her down, everything is anguish now
With the shallowness of every breath
He waits until she is bereft
A                       F#m
Realise, nothingness in both her eyes
and the way his words have stripped
the walls shes climbing

Chorus x3

Добавлено: 14.09.2013
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