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Little Big Town - Vapor - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Little Big Town - Vapor - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Little Big Town
By: Little Big Town
Tabbed by: e8n1 (

Capo 5

Intro: A C G A (x2)

A                   C
Sitting by the bed side
  G                       A
Held his hand and kissed his face 
           C            G         A
Then he closed his eyes and I watched him slip away 
 A                 C
Seems like only yesterday 
       G              A    
He was young as I am now 
But soon “now” will be the past 
Yeah, time is turning fast

A         G        D        A
I want to live, I want to love 
A              G
Like one more day is 
Never too much and never enough 
  A         G        D            A
I want to drink in every minute that I can 
   A              G
‘Cause life is a vapor 
  D       A
Fire and paper 
  A             G
Gonna make the most of it 
  D           A
Before it's gone 

A C G A (x2)

A               C               G              A
When I lay my head down at the end of another day 
Did I keep it all to myself 
           G           A
Or did I give my love away?

Did I hold who should've been held 
          G                     A
So they remember just how that felt? 
Did I say what should be said? 
Will I wake with no regret? 


G D A (x4)

A C G A (x2)

Repeat Chorus

 A                    C                 G      A
There was a man who walked the land centuries ago 
He brought water to the thirsty heart
      G                 A
And food to the hungry soul
He was here only 33 years
          G                A
But His life changed the world 
And He gave up all he had 
I want to leave a legacy like that

Repeat Chorus
Добавлено: 10.04.2012
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