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Lil Wayne - Fuck Wit me Now - текст песни, видео

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Lil Wayne - Fuck Wit me Now - текст песни, видео

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[Lil Wayne]
Let's go - let's go
Let's go - let's go
They can't fuck with me now
Huh? Fuck with me now
No, they can't fuck with me now
Can't fuck with me now
Let's go

[VERSE 1 - Lil Wayne]
I go by "Wheezy: the Don"
Magnificent nigga, lot of ice around my neck, and freezin' the arm
And if a nigga decide to test, their chest get completely took off
And if you wonder who the fuck (?)
(?) we so sip
It's like ain't nothin' but we gotta squab
On the block everyday sellin' rocks and shit
Choppin' bricks - give the damn cops a dick
We cop a whip and drop a brick - that's how we do it
Weed, liquor, money, and guns how we do it
Freak bitch to swallow cum like fluid
Who it be? Through his feet, Dubbs
Ain't nothin' sweet 'cause I can't keep trust
Lil' nigga - worth well over a mill, nigga
Real nigga - come around and show up where you live, nigga
Pullin' out the K's, nigga - (??) and all
Wayne 'bout to damage your home
Nigga 'bout to go to see the man in the stars
Hoppin' out the van with bandanas and all
Cannons went off
News cameras takin' pictures of your family when your avenue's gone
Damn, it's a shame how the bullets slammed in your brain
How the ice slammed the pain, rammin' your dame
That's because she ran into the game
Nigga, stop playin' with Lil Wayne
Come on!

[Hook] [Lil Wayne]
It ain't a game, nigga - I don't know who told you it was
I put holes in your mug if you're holdin' a grudge
Try to take 'em when you get the gun and load
And the slug check ya low when I bust
Come to show you no love
Uh, fuck with me now - they can't fuck with me now
No! They can't fuck with me now - they can't fuck with me now
Stop playin' when ya get it understood
'Cause I know if you know what's good for ya
Come around your hood for ya
You don't know me - I kill everyone who show love
You have them motherfuckers lookin' all up in the woods for ya

[VERSE 2 - Lil Wayne]
Iceberg Shorty - (??) pants is saggin', forty magnum
Comin' out the club on Bacardi's, staggerin'
Ten in the Ferrari wagon, braggin'
Ohh, what's happenin'?
(??) 'round the court 'cause some ex just looked at me
Runnin' with them cats that be clappin' the plastic
Nigga put a cap in your asses
Catch me on the av with the crack and a 'matic
Hopin' that the law don't pass me - stash it
First of the month, just snatched me a package
Bag it - 'bout to get this motherfucker crackin'
If a nigga think about jackin', please believe
I be clip-slappin', click-clackin'
Pull the bitch back and run up on his parents
Kidnap for his snacks, and then whack him
Shit get drastic
That's why I try to stay as fars away from beef as I could
Grab me a freak to ease on my wood
Transport coke from each of my hoods
Wheezy Whee - CMB's in my blood
In the streets seventeen's where I'm from
And I ain't got no feelins for none of these womens
Really, though, fetticheese is my love
You know the streets made me
And I don't give a damn if you hate me
Nigga better be S-Q-A-D
Until the bigger man do take me
Squad shit!
You don't want no violence to keep the quiet
We call my people wild, and then we beef in quiet
Or we'll creep in houses, we'll sweep your momma
So, please stay out it, or you leave in silence
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