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Lil Wayne - Earthquake - текст песни, видео

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Lil Wayne - Earthquake - текст песни, видео

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Jazze Pha) 
[Lil' Wayne] 
[Speak to them Jazze] 
[Yea fly guy] 
I'm way more fly than you 
[That's right] 
I'll take your dime from you 
[That's right] 
Now she wanna spend all night with me 
[She wanna wake up with Weezy-F baby] 
Let me, [whoa] be the one that you throw it to, baby 
[Throw it back ma, throw it back, throw it back, throw it back ma] 
I'd like to spend the rest of my night with you, baby 
[Yea so how bout you, yeah, yeah, so how bout you] 

[Lil' Wayne] 
I'll take your bitch give her back; take your bitch again 
That's because you throw a 5 I pitch a 10 
Now she wanna get inside of my 66 
She sees that my wrist blue and yellow like Michigan 
She say she love her man she misses him 
But nobody do it better than her distance dick (me) 
I'm her long distance pimp 
When I land my bitches wait for me on the strip (yup) 
And I don't lie I confess, I'm the one who turn that orange vest to a dress 
Gotta dress to impress though, Gotta stay clean, plus momma in the next row 
She with me, what you expect, I live to be fly to death 
It's the bird man jr. sincerely yours 
When it rains it pours, when it Waynes it whores 

[Li' Wayne] 
Now why you wanna go do that 
I can see through that 
Tattoo right there like can't I view that 
Girl what that say, what who that 
Bet he was lame, bet he ain't Lil' Wayne (no) 
Cus I'm way more flyer 
Have you hanging round a bunch of yayo buyers (nop) 
And not a day go by us, we don't get higher than the telephone wires 
Cut your telephone off we rising where phones don't roam they don't even come on 
You're far from home so leave it alone 
You creeping with the king of the throne 
You sleeping in a tee and a thong 
With your hair in a pony 
I ain't got no blinds we can stare at the morning (yup) 
But I can't be there all morning 
I'm a pimp baby, yeah I'm going, going, going 

[Lil' Wayne] 
I'm Sorry I was grooving 
Gotta love that laid back Mannie Fresh music 
But let's get back to what we was doing 
Laid back in that black on Pat Ewing's 
That's 33 V tires heat fire 
These streets ain't papaya ma 
You gotta keep heat on your side 
2 must 
So I'm a get 3 more and I'm a cop you one 
Wait, naw hun cus you ain't exempt 
If your ass ever trip I'll give you a clip (yea) 
But I love the way your jeans huggin in your hip 
And you walk kinda mean how you strut with a dip 
And you talk kinda clean and you lick your lips 
But I can't fall for you cus I stick to the script (yup) 
I said I stick to my grip; I stick to my money, that's life to me 
Sorry honey Jazze 


[Lil' Wayne] 
So how bout you yea 
So how bout you 
See what I'm talking bout sweet heart you ain't even gotta have John Madden 
you ain't gotta have Dick Vitale, you ain't gotta have Lee Carsole 
you ain't gotta have Stuart Scott, you ain't gotta have Linda Cohn 
know what I'm talking bout, you ain't gotta have the staff of ESPN 
you ain't gotta have the ABC staff just to speak sports baby cus I got game sweetheart
Just fuck with the boy and I'll get you a jersey 
What you want me to put on the back 
Daddy's little girl that's right, know what I'm talking bout 
I can't give you the game but I can show the game 
and you can see what you see and peek how you peek and see what you get 
know what I'm talking bout 
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