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Lil Wayne - Days And Days - текст песни, видео

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Lil Wayne - Days And Days - текст песни, видео

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Новый альбом группы 'Черный Кузнец' по культовому сериалу 'Сверхъестественное'!
Авторы: Bryan Williams, Cool, Dre, Tauheed Epps, Lil Wayne, Mack Maine, Barbara Lynn

Money ain't shit, bitches ain't neither
You know I'm that grass, don't cut on the sprinklers
Pussy on my mind on my breathe and on my fingers
Niggas try to bite my style but my style is jalapeno
I got skinny ass jeans, trucks on my pockets
Money talks, I'm caught up in the gossip
You know all my bitches badder, and all my swishers fatter
I milk this shit like cattle that's my word like scrabble
Your main girl is a ho I go Wayne's world in her throat
She swallow so many nuts she fuck around a squirrel in her throat
I go tape wormin that ho, my snake squirmin that ho, we take turns on that ho
Niggas so green that they glow
I am the best thing since wet pussy
On my private jet with my chef cookin
So big headed my neck crooked
My niggas foul when the ref's lookin'
My big bro is Mac Main, so much weed I got grass stains
These nuts, that's baggage claim, I'm on them trees like Candy Canes
Lil Tunechi

I might book me for a show, charge my ass the low and pick up the whole dough
That's hustlenomics, I was high in my class pictures
I like math, all I did was add bitches
Swagga galore, got your girl on all fours
It's not doggystyle, I call it froggystyle

You dog her out, I tell her hop in
2 Chainz, my first chain had a twin
Gas in my blunt watching ESPN
And if that pussy good I wanna see her again
Yeah I'm from college park and I got ya broad with me
Saltwater pool I can put a shark in it
Everything authentic, plus I named my pistols
Last name fuck first name I don't give a
Pockets look pregnant, they bout to deliver
So when I start pimpin you know the procedure

[Lil Wayne]
All my niggas gangstas, all my bitches freaks
I tickle her pussy, got that pussy tickled pink
I'm the heart of the streets, and I just skipped a beat
And if that pussy sweet, I want that candy, trick or treat
I got diamonds in my teeth, so all my words are precious
I'm so fuckin hot I sssss, Ima need some more s's
Man I'm on some other shit, I want another bitch
That want another bitch, and I don't cuddle bitch
I hit her with that shovel dick, I got in that pussy and dug a ditch
Some people gotta punch the clock, man I rather punch a brick
Cause I'm that nigga, and I'm so cold I just shivered
These niggas think they hard, these niggas just nipples
I pop a nigga like a sicle, drop a nigga like a missile
Mo money mo issues, I size you up then fix you
Добавлено: 12.08.2013
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