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Lil Scrappy - Get Some Crunk In Yo System - текст песни, видео

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Lil Scrappy - Get Some Crunk In Yo System - текст песни, видео

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Новый альбом группы 'Черный Кузнец' по культовому сериалу 'Сверхъестественное'!
Get some crunk in yo system (See) 
Get some crunk in yo system (It like this right!) 
Get some crunk in yo system (I done seen them niggas) 
Get some crunk in yo system (They ain't seen me yet) 
Get some crunk in yo system (But they Still talkin) 
Get some crunk in yo system (Fuck a slide, I'ma just swing) 
Get some crunk in yo system (A, B, Yall niggas could nevah see me) 

Get some crunk in yo system (Cmon)
Get some crunk in yo system (Cmon)
Get some crunk in yo system (Cmon)
Get some crunk in yo system (Yeah!)

I can feel it, ya hater's dont like it
They see me at a show, them niggas get excited 
Cause they think they fixinta get me, but nigga i'm a riot 
By myself I'ma riot, so nigga dont try it 
Gun's I collect em, gun's for protection 
Gun's for that nigga that try me and learned a lesson
Cause they dont say B.S'n, Im good with my weapon 
Ain't never been a lame in the game I respect it 
I'm looking for trouble, my own label just found out that I'm a monster 
But it's too late cause I done signed for, a hundred or something 
Ain't nothing I'm ruthless, still producing 
Cut me a check or you'll find yo self toothless 
I'm Don Corleone, Keep it trill with no confusing 
Niggas say I'm trill 
They aint hard I can prove it.........yeaaaah 

Im sippin on the crunk juice, Hennessy to get me loose 
Niggas gettin bunk and shit, dranking all the grey goose
Throwin signs up in the air, representing from where they came 
Iits the same shit in the club, niggas fightin man. 
Throwin bows and breaking chairs, niggas pullin hoes hair. 
Runnin through the club with they click cause they don't care 
Screamin out whateva side, all my niggas down to ride 
If you think I'm lyin then you pussy niggas bet not try 
I'ma let you know, that I never been the scary ho 
Busting niggas brain yo, for fucking with my game ho 
Then leave yo ass chained tho, in the the middle of your yard. 
I'ma pull yo card, for actin hard, down the boulevard nigga. (cmon) 

Guess who they called up? Out of the wood works 
Take off my fuckin shirt, I'm reppin to the dirt 
I'm reppin to the grave, I'm reppin for the A 
I'm ridin 21, on my Impala son 
I'm smokin big dro, I'm with the red ho. 
Her cousin got that blow, we kicked that nigga door 
Off the hinges, I'm relentless 
I represent this, can I get a witness (Amen) 
Amen , I works hard for the south 
These niggas playin hard wit they thumb in they mouth 
The house, the car, these bitches bustin out they bras 
Just so they can show they titties to a star. 
Baby my doors ajar, the passenger too 
I'm ready to ride, so whats up boo? (yeaaah) 
Keepin it real, 
Keepin it trill 
Reppin the ville,
I sho will
Добавлено: 01.07.2012
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