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Lil Flip - Did Me Wrong - текст песни, видео

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Lil Flip - Did Me Wrong - текст песни, видео

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feat. Mr. Sancho
[Mr. Lil One Talking]
The whole concept
So were where you when I needed you the most?
I aint forgot'chu dog
Keep your head up homie
It'll be all aight

[Mr. Lil One]
Never thought that it would be all the world to me
See a Nickle acting little straight buring me
Now I got'chu in my hand memories of us
Got me making up a fist I want to murder us
I never thought you deceving me could ever be true
Take a shot to the head see me die for you
Now it's all coming out all the truth of you
Want to spit it to your face I got proof for you
Forever more your a whore plenty more the same
Could you look me in the face with the games you play?
Dirty sin are within just a matter of time
Try to do it motherfucker I was handling mine
So I'ma leave it to the man put it all in his hands
I'm not wearing any bands for a bitch with a tan
I did it all and I saw what I needed to say
Saw a snake with a smile now believing in me

Bitch you did me wrong
Did me wrong
left me all alone
All alone
Thought that chu's minagdamist
I'm just trying to deal with all of this
All of this

[Mr. Lil One]
Now believe me ladies motherfuckers find it free me
Revenge will be brought see you thought you could deceive me
Now everything we shared all the good and the bad
Threw it all up in the air could you do me like that?
Remember you were broke with nobody to hold
Keep you warm when it was cold let the story betold
Sold my soul to a foe never thought it was you
When you was down and you was out all I wanted was you
I was up without a care when you slept I was there
With my fingers through your hair I just wanted you there
Making love in the tub while we kissed and we hugged
Talked about a baby boy I'ma lay and he'll come
Nevermind all the fine little mami's that came
I had respect for you baby never blimished your name
Feel the pain in my brain got me going insane
Think about it all the time never being the same


[Mr. Lil One Talking]
Yeah Yeah Yeah This is for all the homies man
Locked up
Whether it's Juvenile hall
Wether it's county jail or Wether it's the penatenury
Waiting for the visiter but it never comes
Waiting for the letter and it never comes
You wait for her and she never comes
It'll be all aight
It'll be alright homeboy
Cause you got motherfuckerz like me
That lace shit like this
To ease your pain
It'll be alright
For real ... For real
Lil One yeah
Добавлено: 26.10.2013
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