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Lifeseeker - Mr. California - текст песни, видео

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Lifeseeker - Mr. California - текст песни, видео

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Well Imma lay it on ya right upon ya

coming through with the fondue is Mr. California

soakin up the sunshine on the frontline

of the car lot with instant credit get it while it's hot

and we'll kick to the slow jams no plans

making money out of dreams look ma no hands

well you claim you got it made well whatever you say jack

you try to take it easy I'm way more layed back

so bring your aura down to earth and maybe we can click

cause flying too high will leave you three ft. thick

so I stick stick and move cause karate is my course

yeah I can break a brick in half and I can feel the force

an targets I lock on like chuck norris in the octagon

I kick through windshields and keep rocking on

because good guys wear black when they're on the attack

and at the beep the time will be for you to step back

just leave a message maybe I'll call

Mr. Mr. California Mr. Cal i forn I A (x4)

(spatial interlude)

Now feeling all the mellow good vibrations on my cello

with my girl like moon doggie and annette funicello

I picked up a shell hello? it spoke to me

like the phone in my car strictly rotary

it said the yin the yang the whole damn thang

cosmic hot tub of love set off by the big bang

so skip the real juice and enjoy the tang

and you'll be laughing on the path of the boomerang

I said dang that's heavy but I feel it though

got to remember all that when I'm feeling low

cause it's a long way to go and we ain't there yet

trying to see the sunrise inside the sunset

/spatial interlude in which the cosmos need a jumpstart/

now it's time to wake the sleeper because minds are getting deeper 

as we kick it like a field goal with or sans sneaker

eureka! anywhere you go you're just right there 

the warm smell of collita rising up through the air!

where it's up with the people and down with the man

hook up some sun beams get yourself a suntan

and wash on wash off staying hardcore but soft

like an avacado creative leisure is my motto

so with sushi on my platter it's like domo arrigato

as the wheel in the sky keeps on turning like lotto

we swing, whichever way we want to swing

like the ping to the pong or the pong to the ping

and when I say we I mean O U I

like the french riviera it's mighty fly

where a girl in a thong just can't go wrong

but homeboy in the speedo put your pants back on

sittin round stroking stroking baywatch messing up my OP shirt

laid back with my hand on my jimmy and my jimmy in my hand

mr. mr. california mr. cal iforn IA x(4)
Добавлено: 27.05.2012
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