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Lifeseeker - Middle Earth - текст песни, видео

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Lifeseeker - Middle Earth - текст песни, видео

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Новый альбом группы 'Черный Кузнец' по культовому сериалу 'Сверхъестественное'!
Time to break it down with an old school fable

from back in the day before the turntable

there was evil in the land time to take a stand

olde english eight hundred and a mystical clan

not a quest for fire still things were looking dire

dark riders on the rise trying to build an empire

so call me a liar but I've seen it all

and look out below!!! is my battle call

twas a lyrical stand off, backed up by Gandalf

said make like Luke Skywalker and get yer hand off

me staff! what you wan't me autograph?!

we brought it on like Kahn and they felt the wrath

trying to map the way we rap? bust open your globe

sent the lion and the witch straight back to the wardrobe

kicking up dust in the elven grove 

when I hit the dancefloor I told the wizard more strobe!

simmer down young dwarve and show respect

the kings held a council and did elect

Frodo to bear the ring, and spring the plan

and remember this was all before the age of man

coming straight from the underground 

coming straight from the whole of middle earth

here yeeeee here yeeee!

curiously strong but he ain't selling mints

the ring on his finger entails the four elements

I can make it rain sleet snow or hail

and if you riddle for my precious you're bound to fail

my winds are gail force: "blowing out all orcs!"

posse's barreling down the river cold bobbing like corks

break you down to dust from whence you came

deep as the mines of Mordor where I stake my claim

with fire from the shire, I'll burn your crown

now you're living in the crazy world of Arthur Brown

so get on down to middle earth

and just rock to the rhythm like you was a smurf

I'm like Sam Wise can't believe my eyes!

never touch the ring cause it ain't my size

no suprise cause it ain't no thing

cold swinging with sting it's the return of the king 

of pain, enemies get slain, I'm barefoot like Ringo on Abbey Lane

with oujai board raps, whichever way the wit points

we'll stay at number one cause our records got hit points!

I came down from the hills to fight the dark forces

a double edged sword and I know where the orcs is

so get the horses, no remorse kids

been getting many tips, from numerous sources

it's time to roll on these muther funkin trolls

cut off their heads and banish their souls

another day in the life of the warrior clan

someday they'll paint my likeness on the side of a van

word! we're bringing knowledge, that's everlasting

casting a spell like Gandalf blasting

trolls out the box with their fiendish plots

pop pop from the wand another Goblin drops

I fought an intellect devourer and a night stalker

a leech a leprachaun, even leucratta

them ugly little suckers didn't stand a chance

when I climbed up in a tree and did my battle dance!

battles were raged throughout the age 

so that two little hobbits could descend 

and cast the ring from whence it came

so the age of magic could end?!

coming straight from the underground

coming straight from the whole of middle earth

my precious my precious how could you have left this

finger I linger, this thought depresses

lead silly hobbitans where they think they must

I'll snatchem you back push them tween the crust

where the lava runs free, my precious and me

we hate Bagginses and they hate we

my precious me, running free,

I hate Bagginses and they hate me!

what happened to that thing to which I used to cling?

how could they disrupt my little magical fling!?

the ring of doom!? nah, that's jive!

when I put the sucker on it made me feel live!

sipping on the grog I begin to glow

reminiscing on the finger that I had a year ago

fore the coming of man, and all his plans

my spirit got crushed in his corrupted hands

now I'm down on my knees, and my feet got fleas

and they built a Safeway on my hobbit hole

so ask yourself! who made who?

cause you probably got a little bit of hobbit in you

yeah ask yourself who made who?

I bet you got a little bit of hobbit in you

yes ask yourself who made who?

might you have a little bit of hobbit in you?

coming straight from the underground

coming straight from the whole of middle earth
Добавлено: 22.05.2012
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