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Lifeseeker - Like A Ninja - текст песни, видео

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Lifeseeker - Like A Ninja - текст песни, видео

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Up at the crack of dawn

To get my ninja on 

My feudal lord said there's a mission

Imma send you on 

Run fifteen miles

across the isle

Stretch out eat some hash

Show em yer Ninja smile 

No words observe how

I bow in the now

Getting low

throwin stars

boogie down with the dao 

Up at the strip club

Hanging off the wall

Is it Spiderman, nah

Its a ninja yall 

Watch a ninja flex

Havin ninja sex

Wanna learn to do it

find a ninja text 

I got ninja style

and ninja grace

my swordll flash like a camera

but memories I erase 

walls I'm ninja up 

then Im ninja down

been to ninja class

an Played the Ninja clown 

But now I'm back legit

On the ninja tip

And I'm coming on strong

With that ninja shit 

Like a ninja

Like a ninja

Gimme three square feet

And I'll end ya

Like a ninja

Like a ninja

my swordll spin into a blur

Then I injure

So where my ninjas at

Where my ninjas at

every ninja for themselves 

thought we been through that 

Where my ninjas at

Where my ninjas at

dont want no oreos gimme ninja snaps

think its best if you dont know my ninja name

just one of many parts

of this ninjas game 

see while they sweating amarosa

Im underneath their coaster

steady plotting their demise

with some nunchucks in a holster 

I wear a ninja mask

Not a ninja hat

chill in my ninja house

til ninja dog attack

chasing my Ninja Cat 

that chase my Ninja Mouse 

it goes on and on 

til a ninja shouts 

I love my Ninja spouse

love My ninja kids

Rolling their Ninja big wheels 

Doing ninja skids 

paying Ninja bills 

With these Ninja Skills

keeping my Ninja going

with these Ninja pills 

Riding my ninja bike

Sportin Ninja Nikes

Take me to a Ninja movie

And Im Ninja psyched 

To get my Ninja on

and mow my Ninja Lawn

fading into the shadows

From Dusk till dawn 


goin nin-jah

sweep kick an flip flop

step up youll probably get dropped

gaiden to shadow dancer

our legend goes on it dont stop

nin-jahs up in this place

crossed arms you cant see their face

but theyll bob their heads to that bass

and rock with the whole hu-man race

Come on down to ninja town

Theyll be no one around 

And when I pop out of the ground

no you won't hear a sound 

Move one inch from that spot

I cannot guarantee

That you will live one more second

In the presence of me 

Could kill you now could kill you soon

Could play a tune on the flute

Are you alone in the room? 

now I got you paranoid

So you jump in yer car

Im coming staight to yer neck

With the gom jabbar 

Like the scene

From assault on precinct 13 

then I pull a michael myers 

its halloween 

in the rearview

Check yer neck

Where ya felt the blade

Thinking damn 

I could use a cup a gatorade 

As Yer catch yer breath

Feeling close to death

Look in the backseat

Theres nothing left 

so Ya pump the breaks

and now Ya got the shakes

Looking down at your feet 

All you see is snakes 

Then a buncha bright lights

So you cover your eyes

Its the candles on your cake

And we yelling surprise! 

Touched and moved

your eyes have moistened

I hope you liked the cake

By the way it was poisoned 


ninjas be setting them traps

and coming with the ill raps

youll see them coming perhaps

hit you dead in yer throat

make yer lungs collapse

but hey you know its all good

you did the best that you could

I said I dont think you should

come with a gun theyll kill you with wood
Добавлено: 13.06.2012
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