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Lifehouse - Walking Away - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Lifehouse - Walking Away - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Walking Away
Lifehouse - Walking Away (tune down 1/2 step)   .:tabbed by 2Luke:.

great song!

use the chords that are given Only.
some chords have complicated names so i just gave them short ones.

dont forget to rate/comment.

Chords Used: (tuning - down 1/2 step)

    F#m7   E    Dsus4   Bm    A    Gsus4  F#m        C#m    G     G/f#   Em    Eb9   Em7   B11   Cm7
e|---0-----0-----0-----2-----0-----0-----2---   |---0-----3------3------0-----0-----0-----0-----0---
B|---0-----0-----3-----3-----2-----2-----2---   |---5-----3------3------0-----0-----0-----0-----0---
G|---2-----1-----2-----4-----2-----2-----2---   |---6-----0------0------0-----8-----8-----8-----0---
D|---4-----2-----0-----4-----2-----2-----4---   |---6-----0------0------2-----9-----9-----9-----2---
A|---4-----2-----0-----2-----0-----x-----4---   |---4-----x------x------2-----6-----7-----x-----3---
E|---------0-----------------------3-----2---   |---------3------2------0-----------------7---------


F#m7 - E - F#m7 - E - Dsus4 - E - F#m7 - E

Verse 1

F#m7            E
 The sun goes down 
F#m7            E  
 as the city lights
Dsus4         E
Pave their way 
             F#m7        E
through the darkest nights
F#m7         E
 Raindrops fall 
F#m7              E
 as an old man cries
Dsus4        E
 Never thought
   F#m7         E
to ever think twice

Of all he had
Dsus4         E
 Of all he lost
A selfish life
    Dsus4                 E
And guess comes with the cost


A              Gsus4
Hey, remember me
           F#m  E       Dsus4
I remember you walking away
A              Gsus4
Hey, remember me
           F#m  E       Dsus4
I remember you walking away

Verse 2

F#m7             E
 The same old streets
F#m7               E
 just a different name
Dsus4       E   
 Same old house
F#m7                 E
 just the family's changed
F#m7        E
 Pickett fence
F#m7          E
 The window stains
Dsus4        E
 Freedom spells
F#m7           E
 by a man in chains

Bm         Dsus4            E
Silence is all we have to give
And the memories of a life
Dsus4            E
 I wish we'd lived

(Repeat Chorus)

Verse 3

C#m  E     
From all 
         G  G/f#  Em
that you made
Dsus4     Eb9  Em7  B11
That you lost
Or threw away
Cm7                       E
Traded in for a brand new life

       G  G/f# Em
But I can't
Dsus4     Eb9  Em7  B11
Can't let go
Can't turn around
Cm7                        E
Hold my head high and walk away

(Repeat Chorus)

Добавлено: 20.04.2012
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