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Lifehouse - Eighties - аккорды и текст, видео

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Lifehouse - Eighties - аккорды и текст, видео

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Новый альбом группы 'Черный Кузнец' по культовому сериалу 'Сверхъестественное'!
Artist:Blyss/Bliss(also known as Lifehouse)
Tabbed by:Colgate Maclay

This is one of the unreleased songs from Lifehouse.It was written back in the Blyss/
Bliss-time and recorded for "Diff's lucky day".I'm quite sure this tab is
least it sounds right to me.So here it comes:

Intro:          C
      E -------------------0---
      B ------1---1----------1- 
      G --------0--------0-----         2x
      D ---------------3-------    
      A --3--------------------
      E -----------------------

 other tabs used in this song are
         Am                      F                          G
 E ---------------0----  -----------------1---  -------------3----------3-
 B ------1---1------1--  ------1---1--------1-  -----3--3-------3---3---3-
 G --------0-----0-----  --------2-------2----  -------0---0-----0--------
 D -------------3------  --------------3------  ----------0---------------
 A --0-----------------  --0------------------  --2------------2----------
 E --------------------  ---------------------  --------------------------

Verse1:    C (play the tabs everytime in the verses)
       When you find your castle on a hill
       With the bars on the windows 
       Will you burn the bridge behind you?
       Will you ever come out and see the 
         Am                   F
       sun again? Will you hide?
       Now how long has it been 
       since you've seen the light?

Verse2:    C
       Make your way on the stairs to the top of your tower.
       Stonecold floors,hardwood doors lead you to your room
       of plastic flowers
            Am                F
       They still look the same. 
           Am              G
       Drendged in water.It comforts you to think that they're alive.

Chorus:(either you play in chords or in tabs-I think in chords sounds better)
        C          Em                    Am
       It could have been easier than this.
         Am                F                       C
       If you threw it all away what would you miss?
        C                 Em                         Am
       It could have been too much of a chance to take.
          Am               F                  C
       The silence in your head would have to break.
         C         Em             Am
       Your grip is slipping faster.
         Am                      F                    C
       Looks like you'll have to face yourself after all.

Note:Play the last chord C like the intro again.

Verse3:        C
       Step outside the shadows of your cage.
       Strangled truth, stolen youth is written on every line
       of every page.
          Am           F
       It's your story.
       Do you want it back?
           G ( 2x-but without the 5 last tones of the tab)
       You have to decide if it's worth it.
            Em (2x)
       Swim across the swamp to the other side.
       Run until your out of breath
       When you look back there'll be nothing left
            G (once-with the 5 last notes again)
       but a memory fading quickly.

Chorus:   C         Em                  Am
       It could have been easier than this....

Play the chorus twice.
End on the C-tabs (Outro = Intro)

...You're welcome!
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