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Lesson Guitar - Harmonic Exercise - таба, видео

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Lesson Guitar - Harmonic Exercise - таба, видео

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                             Harmonic Exercise - Daniel Mamutov
Tabbed by: Daniel Mamutov ( Guitar Realm)
Youtube : Guitar Realm

Tuning: Standard


The 12+ is a natural harmonic 
With your fretting hand, lightly touch a finger against the string directly above the 12th fret.   
Do not hold it down or apply any pressure. Then strike it with your picking hand
and immediately release the string; almost simultaneously. If executed properly the result
 should be a high-pitched, silvery note

2+,3+,5+,7+ is fretted as usual, but instead of striking the string, the string is tapped at one of the  
frets listed in the natural harmonic list. Do not hold the string down with the tapping
hand, just bounce the finger lightly on and off the fret. This technique can be extended
by fretting a note, then tapping relative to the fretted note.
For example , hold the third fret, and tap the fifteenth fret, for the twelfth fret harmonic, 
because 12+3=15.

When you understand this you can play faster and faster . Then you're really good at harmonics :)

Hope YOU and YOUR FINGERS enjoy this exercise! :)

| +   harmonic
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