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Leslie Phillips - Your Kindness - аккорды и текст, видео

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Leslie Phillips - Your Kindness - аккорды и текст, видео

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Your Kindness
Leslie Phillips
| Your Kindness                                                       |
| by: Leslie Phillips                                                 |
| CD: Black and White in a Grey World                                 |
| written by:  Words and Music by Leslie Phillips                     |
| from: (K&C McWhirter)                                 |
| copyright: (C) 1985 Word Music (a division of Word inc.             |

E Esus E Esus (repeat)

E             B               C#m      G#m
No excuse, no one to blame, Nowhere to hide

    E                 B
The eyes of God, Have found my failures

         C#m A    E              B
Found my pain, He understands my weaknessess

    C#m      F#             A           A/B
And knows my shame, But His heart never leaves me.

          E              C#m         A            E
It's Your kindness, That leads us to repentance o Lord

A                E          C#m            G#m
Knowing that You love us, No matter what we do

A                A/B     (E Esus 2x)
Makes us want to love You to,

( repeat - It's Your)

Waiting for angry words, to sear my soul
Knowing I don't deserve, another chance
Then suddenly the kindest words
I've ever heard, come flooding from Gods heart


   G#m     C#m         A      A/B     B
If You are for us, Who can be against us?

G#m         C#m              A         B
You gave us everything, Even Your only Son


Добавлено: 25.06.2013
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