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Les Miserables - The Robbery - текст песни, видео

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Les Miserables - The Robbery - текст песни, видео

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[Thenardier assembling his gang.] 

Everyone here, you know your place
Brujon, Babet, Claqusous
You, Montparnasse, watch for the law
With Eponine, take care.
You turn on the tears
No mistakes, my dears 

Mme. Thenardier
These bloody students on our street
Here they come slumming once again
Our Eponine would kiss their feet
She never had a scrap of brain 

Eponine, what's up today?
I haven't seen you much about. 

Here, you can always catch me in. 

Mind the police don't catch you out! 

Here, whatcher doing with all them books?
I could have been a student too!
Don't judge a girl on how she looks...
I know a lot of things I do! 

Poor Eponine, the things you know
You wouldn't find in books like these. 

I like the way you grow your hair 

I like the way you always tease 

Little he knows!
Little he sees! 

[Valjean arrives with Cosette, now grown up.] 

Mme. Thenardier
Here's the old boy. Stay on the job and watch out for
the law. 

[to Marius] Stay out of this. 

But Eponine... 

You'll be in trouble here
It's not your concern
You'll be in the clear 

[She pushes Marius away.] 

Who is that man? 

Leave me alone! 

Why is he here? Hey, Eponine! 

[He begins to follow her, and bumps into Cosette.] 

I didn't see you there, forgive me. 

Please M'sieur, come this way
Here's a child that ain't eaten today.
Save a life, spare a sou
God rewards all the good that you do.
Wait a bit. Know that face.
Ain't the world a remarkable place?
Men like me don't forget
You're the bastard that borrowed Cosette! 

[Thenardier grabs Valjean and rips open his shirt, revealing the number on his chest.] 

What is this? Are you mad?
No, Monsieur, you don't know what you do! 

You know me, you know me.
I'm a con, just like you. 

It's the police! Disappear!
Run for it! It's Javert!
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