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Les Miserables - Every Day - текст песни, видео

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Les Miserables - Every Day - текст песни, видео

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[Cosette arrives to help Marius in his recovery.] 

Every day
You walk with stronger step
You walk with longer step
The worst is over 

Every day
I wonder every day
Who was it brought me here
From the barricade? 

Don't think about it, Marius.
With all the years ahead of us!
I will never go away
And we will be together
Every day. Every day,
We'll remember that night
And the vow that we made: 

'A heart full of love
A night full of you'

The words are old
But always true
Oh, God, for shame
You did not even know my name. 

Dear Mad'moiselle
I was lost in your spell. 

[Valjean enters, unnoticed.] 

A heart full of love 
No fear no regret 
'My name is Marius Pontmercy' Valjean [to himself]
She was never mine to keep
She is youthful
She is free. 

Cosette, Cosette! 

I saw you waiting and I knew. 
Love is the garden of the young 

Waiting for you
At your feet Let it be 

At your call 
Let it be 

Marius & Cosette
At your call 
A heart full of love
This I give you
On this day. 

[They notice Valjean.] 

M'sieur, this is a day
I can never forget
Is gratitude enough
For giving me Cosette?
Your home shall be with us
And not a day shall pass
But will will prove our love
To you, whom we shall call
A father to us both
A father to us all. 

[Cosette leaves.]
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