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Leo Sayer - Orchard Road - аккорды и текст, видео

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Leo Sayer - Orchard Road - аккорды и текст, видео

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Новый альбом группы 'Черный Кузнец' по культовому сериалу 'Сверхъестественное'!
Авторы музыки: Alan Tarney
Авторы текста: Leo Sayer
Orchard Road
Leo Sayer
Orchard Road
Leo Sayer
C x32010   G 320033  Am x02210  F 133211  Dm xx0231  Ab 466544
Bb 688766 Cm 335543 A x02220 E 022100 D xx02320

C                      G                 Am
To tell the truth it's really such a sad affair
               G                         F
Standing here waiting in the cold night air
But I've got this make this call cause my heart is breaking
C                      G                       Am
I hear the pips drop a coin in the slot has it been that long
    G                   F
I thought you forgotten me I know that's it getting late
       G                  Dm
But I just couldn't wait will I have the nerve to say
   F          G        Dm                         F
I just wanna come back or should I just go away
I just wanna come back 
C                    G             Am                      G
I've been struck by such bad luck I need a place a little happiness and
Some love
I think I can see it now, so let me paint the picture
Ab                      Bb                  Cm
Its 12 o'clock and the curtains are drawn they're counting sheep down in 

Orchard road
Ab                     Bb             Cm                       Ab   Bb
You're hanging on the telephone line tonight and I wish I could be in 
Orchard road
               G             Am                     G
Not much been happening here think I've got a job they're going to call me 
     F                             G                               C
Next week I'll been working out of town well it sure beats hanging around
            G                      Am            G                    F
What's that tomorrow at two you're kidding me no is that alright with you
I don't what to say it will be like a holiday
Dm                       F                     G
When you say you're all alone makes me want to come back
Dm                       F                G
And this house is not a home I just gotta go back
Ab                Bb                 Cm
It's 12.10 when I put down the phone moon shinning down on Orchard road
Ab                      Bb                    Cm                   Ab    Bb
And I'm feeling like a schoolboy again tonight I'll see you in my dreams
Of Orchard road
F                 G                   F             G
It's funny but I thought I'd never go back I think sometimes I might a lose 
                G                    Dm               G
But I remember you and the things we do and I want it back
A           E                 F#m                  D
In Orchard road you've got my heart I left in your doorway
A           E             F#m                           D      C
In Orchard road a welcome back is waiting there just for me
C          G                  Am                     F    C
In Orchard road the sun will shine again I know I know
C           G                Am                   F       G
In orchard road you keep my love it's waiting there for me
Ab                     Bb            Cm
Its 8 o'clock and the dawns arrived in Orchard road it breakfast time
Ab                      Bb                    Cm              Ab   Bb
I climb in my car and I turn the key and I'm gone I am coming home to
        C    G C
Orchard road
Добавлено: 10.03.2012
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