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Leo Kottke - Watermelon - таба, видео

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Leo Kottke - Watermelon - таба, видео

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Новый альбом группы 'Черный Кузнец' по культовому сериалу 'Сверхъестественное'!
Here's a reissue of a classic tab by the old boys Jim Jarrell and Hank 
Stanley themselves! (I've just corrected spelling errors and formatted the 

Patrick R. Schwemmer

Date: Fri, 01 Sep 95 14:35:14 EST

Humphrey's by the sea, San Diego, 1991. Leo Kottke/Tuck and Patty in 

A voice from the crowd during Leo's set... "Watermelon!!"... "Nah, I don't 
like that tune," sez Leo. Too bad. It's my favorite on the Armadillo album 
and one of my  favorite Kottke tunes of all time. When I first discovered 
Kottke's music in the early 70's, and during my formative years playing the 
guitar, I must have listened to "Armadillo" a zillion times. I, like many of 
you, marveled at the sound. As I struggled with Freight Train at 10 beats 
per minute the possibility of playing anything even slightly approaching 
what I heard in Armadillo was beyond my wildest imagination. Still is!!! 
Here's a simple fact... Kottke is Kottke and you're not!! But... his music 
is accessible when you realize that you'll never play it exactly like Leo. 
No sweat, just sit back, get a grip, and do it your own way... however, the 
basic Kottke sound is accessible, albeit with some effort.

"Watermelon" surrounds you with a wall of sound. I think the key to the tune 
rests in the right hand picking pattern. The pattern has an almost banjo 
flavor to it. While a standard alternating bass with the thumb is there, 
it's the emphasis of the higher voice created by the fingers that I think 
gives Watermelon its distinctive "hook". That combined  with the left hand 
alternating a slight release of the notes  as the pattern plays out creates 
the sound. The latter concept relates to the "nudging someone off a bus" 
technique Leo referred to in the "8 Songs" book. Took me a while to figure 
out what he meant by that... I think I understand.

While recorded on a 12 string, Watermelon sounds okay on a 6. Too bad Leo 
never re-recorded it 'ala Mona Ray and Ojo on a 6 string. Also, if you 
haven't gotten into slide guitar yet, you can also work this one around 
pretty well without a slide. This tab is far from accurate but it'll get you 
headed in the right direction. A simplified, basic version of the tab was 
given to me by fellow Kottke enthusiast Hank Stanley. He deserves most of 
the credit...I'm not nearly smart enough to have figured out the positions 
Leo plays this thing out of...positions that in retrospect are ridiculously 
simple...Thanks Hank!.

                       Leo Kottke
                  From: "6&12 String Guitar"
                  Tab: Hank Stanley/Jim Jarrell

Open D (several 1/2 steps low)
12 string w/ slide

Timing:  4/4? (Dunno!) Speed: Pretty darn fast!

h  hammer on
p  pull-off
g  ghost note: note that, while played, is not accentuated
               and/or who's primary purpose is to facilitate
               left hand movement or maintain the beat
T  thumb or thumb brush down catching several strings
I  index finger
'  accentuated note,ie. at least partial emphasis
/  slide up the neck (towards saddle)
\  slide down the neck (towards nut)
X  mute,dampen or move to/from indefinite position

Section I: A banjo roll of sorts. Rock steady syncopation
           with second string creating almost "drone" sound.
           No, repeat, no hesitation on "pinches"



  Note: 5th string "h" has emphasis over
        3rd string "h".



Section II
            The weakest part of the tab; this
section befuddles me... too many octave notes
going on at one time. Here's 3 ways it could
be played. Regardless, this section is played
out of a good 'ole, standard tuning E or E7
chord position (I think!)

|------1-----1-----1------0'------0---------| repeat
|----2---2-------2---2--------0--------0----| many
|------2-------2-------0x-------0-----------| times

(Note: slight damp and accentuated note above)

or maybe it's...


or maybe it's... a backwards banjo roll...


While not tabbed, you could also throw in the the 4th fret, 6th and 4th 
string and 3rd fret, 3rd string during part of above section... lots of 

The remaining part of this section is an example of one of the many reasons 
why Kottke is Kottke and you and I aren't...

         I T I T I T I

If, like me, you have trouble with the thumb/index flatpick style finger run 
try this variation..


Section III

Constant, subtle vibrato throughout on 3rd string


"7/8" slide above is very subtle (ghost slide?)

|----------------------------------| repeat 1st
|----------------------------------| two measures
|------6-----6-----6-----6*--------| of section then..
                         *on recording the high "g" string octave is 
emphasized... I get the note by reaching down with my right index finger to 
get better pull up to get the note... yeah, I know... picky, picky, picky



dampen notes above with finger fretting 6th string

Next measure all with slide


Section IV  All fretted notes with slide
            and tons of vibrato




     T' T'                     T'


You really do have to listen to last measure to get the feel and timing... 
but that's true for entire tune

Repeat sections I and IV then section I to fade

Comments, questions and corrections welcome!

Jim Jarrell  Work: JarrellJ@N4.OPNAV.NAVY.MIL
Добавлено: 01.08.2013
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