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Lenny Leblanc - One Desire - аккорды и текст, видео

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Lenny Leblanc - One Desire - аккорды и текст, видео

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One Desire
Lenny Leblanc
one desire
by lenny leblanc

a very nice and relaxing song  by lenny leblanc..
first time i listen to it on you tube i tried to search for the lyrics and 
chords of this song but lyrics is all i got.. so i picked up my guitar and 
tried to figure out  my self.. and so this is it.. if there's some error and 
i know there is please submit your version with the right chords... 

hope you like it....
enjoy and God bless...


E|-3|  0|0|2| 0| 0|  1| 1|1|
B|-0|  3|1|3| 0| 1|  1| 3|1|
G|-0|  0|0|2| 0| 2|  2| 3|2|
D|-0|  0|2|0| 2| 2|  0| 3|3|
A|-2|  2|3|x| 2| 0|  x| 1|3|
E|-3|  x|x|x| 0| x|  x| x|1|

G	G/B     C       D
If I could have One Desire
G	'G/B        C-D
Before my life is through
Em	       C     G
Even in my darkest night
     Am	          C       D
My life would shine for You
G        G/B	     C          D
If I could stop the hands of time
G	     G/B     C-D
Or make a wish come true
	Em	C	  G	    Em
I would tell my heart to burn with fire
    Am     C         D
For no one else but You
      C	    D       G
This is my One Desire

C    D	    G      Em
You are my Saving Grace
C	D	G-Em
Anchor of my soul
       C	     G           Em
In a world that's turned upside down
Am      C       D
I want you to know


C    D	        G     Em
You are my Faithful Friend
C	 D	     G
The One that i lean on
Em	    C	  G
You always understand
With all that I am
      Bb			F
I'll give you the deepest devotion i know
With all of my strength
I won't let You go
As i look to You above
C	         D
I will give You all my love

chorus: (transpose 1 chord higher)
Добавлено: 02.04.2012
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