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Lemmings - Table Tennis - таба, видео

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Lemmings - Table Tennis - таба, видео

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Уроки эстрадного вокала в Санкт-Петербурге
"Table Tennis" by The Lemmings
from the album "Games Lemmings Play" 1959
Paperlion Publishing Co.

Another Lemming tab from their early days.  This song is always a fav at 
parties (email me
for a link to the lyrics page) because of the sing along verse- really the 
formula works
for any set of words you want to use!

You better believe this an acoustic song- no other instruments- although on 
their "Our Time With You is Done" farewell tour, they used a 
Piano/Harpsichord/Double Bass/Clarinet arrangement- kind of lost its 
folkyness, eh Lemming Fans?

Play Fast!

Main Riff (Set up the net. . . )
          (Break out the paddles. . .)
          (Serve Milk and Cookies. . .)
--------2------0---------- (Repeate many many times)

                     /     \
---------------------------------  (repeat many many times also)
  Fret With Thumb

Porter:  "I know they can funk, but can they fight?"
Gotti: "I know they can funk, but can they fight? Yeah they can fight."

Email me with questions, problems, or declarations of love(for the lemmings 
of course):

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