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Lemmings - Apple Tree - таба, видео

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Lemmings - Apple Tree - таба, видео

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Новый альбом группы 'Черный Кузнец' по культовому сериалу 'Сверхъестественное'!
This is the two guitar parts for "Apple Tree" by the Lemmings.  Great song, 
popular with the ladies- wink wink. I didn't bother tabbing out the
acoustic parts since they are all open chords that are defined near the 
bottom of the
page. This song was written by Otto; John Paul played electric guitar, Chaz 
acoustic, and otto did keyboards.  Herb played drums.

Verse (Acoustic): C/Am/D/G

          (C)                (Am)                  (Dm)

----------------4---------  repeat this verse bit several times then
----------------5---------  go to the prechorus after the G:

Prechorus(acoustic) Am/Bm?/C/G/C

              (Am)              (Bdim)       (C)

(G)    (C)
-4-4-4---9---  yeah!

Define: (chords for bridge, solo, and acoustic guitar)

E7  D7    G    D   C    F    Am   Bm   CII  FII   GII  DII
                        *Fret with thumb


Bridge:  Electric: D7/  E7/  D7/  E7/  GII/DII/GII/DII/D/G/C
         Acoustic: D7II/E7II/D7II/E7II/G/  D/  G/  D/  D/G/C

Solo:    Electric: CII/FII 8 times
         Acoustic: C  /F   8 times

Keyboard solo (arranged for guitar)

(C)          (F)


Anyone hear the version on the anthology where its just Otto at the
piano? Music critic Lester Bangs said it "...had the momentum and force
of a fully loaded locomotive speeding down a mountain without any
chance of a suitable conclusion...Otto...defuses this...only by
utilzising the brilliant vaudville-ish ending to bring this highly
symbolic song full-circle."
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