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Leif Vollebekk - Off The Main Drag - аккорды и текст, видео

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Leif Vollebekk - Off The Main Drag - аккорды и текст, видео

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Off The Main Drag
Leif Vollebekk
Off The Main Drag - Leif Vollebekk

Capo 3, standard tuning

Intro: C F    x 3
       C G F
       C G C... keep strumming into verse

         F     C                  F       C
Old gas station hasn't changed in decades

F        C         G            F
Cashier checks the time around her

C                     G      C
put my things on the counter

             F     C                         F    C
Pull out my wallet like some pull down the shades

    F        C               G     F
My only brother lent me his only car

                 C           G     C
who knew I would drive it so far

               F  C            F        C
Sometimes you move out of some obligations

        F              C          G                   F
It was gorgeous on the outside, inside it was just a machine

                   C          G        C
it was the fastest thing I've ever seen

                  F  C                  F    C
I first met Victoria at Victoria station

        F     C             G          F
We'd always talked about going for a beer

                 C            G                C
She said, "It's strange now that you're here."

                    F    C           F        C
We went back to her place, 57th we'd cross it

          F      C                  G        F
She's as poor as me but she looks twice as good

                   C         G                 C
I told her that because it's something I would

                   F  C                F      C
She shrugged a little and she turned off the faucet

      F    C                G     F
And later on as we were crawling into bed

              C                  G             C
I was thinking on something my father had said

                         F  C            F       C
He said, "You're better off, off of the main drag."

               F    C        G           F
with my well-worn body wrenched like a rag

          C             G             C
There I was, straight off the main drag
Добавлено: 22.06.2016
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