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Leah West - Guardian Angel - аккорды и текст, видео

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Leah West - Guardian Angel - аккорды и текст, видео

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Guardian Angel
Leah West
Lyrics to Guardian Angel
Written by Leah West
Transposed to the key of G to make it easy for Capo. For original key transpose to D

Intro: G  C  G  C  D

        Em      C       G
Little baby up in heaven says to God
                    Em           C   
"Do I really have to go?"
          G                      Am     C
God replies "Yes it's your time to leave
        Am      D
But don't you worry you won't be there alone

        Em      C       G
You see there's someone who's been waiting for you
        Em      D
Quietly hoping and praying
        G       Em      G
For your sweet and safe arrival
        Am    D
Down on earth

Em      G       Em      Am      D
Everyone is born with a guardian angel
        Em           G
And on her wings she'll let you soar
        Em      Am      D
Higher than you thought was possible
        Em      C       G
She'll love you and protect you like no other
        Em      C       D       
And your guardian angel has a name
        C       G       (C D) first time
You can call her mother

        Em      C       D       
As you grow and make your way on through the world
        Em      C
She'll be a softer light to guide you on your way
        G       Em      C
Instilling bits of wisdom like arrows in your quiver
        Am      D
To help with all the challenges that you'll have to face

        Em      C       G
Rest assured that no matter where you are
        Em      D
You'll be surrounded by her love
        G       Em      C
A gentle support to help you keep your faith
        Am      D
You're always in her heart and who she's thinking of


        C       Am
The sacrifices that she will make
To put you first when everything's at stake
        Bm              Em
All the love that she's devoted
        Bm      Em
Until now you never noticed
        D       C
She was showing you
How to be a guardian angel too

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