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Lawerence Tracy - If You Loved Me - таба, видео

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Lawerence Tracy - If You Loved Me - таба, видео

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Subject: l/lawerence_tracy/if_you_loved_me.crd
Date: Thu, 14 May 1998 18:58:49 PDT
subject: If you loved me
by Tracy Lawerence

(D)I see the way (G), he doesn't (A) treat you right,
(D)I see the tears (G), that you try (A) hide,
(A)I feel the (Bm) heartache (A/C#),
that you don't show (D),
(Em7) wish I had a way, (A) to let you know (G), (A),
(D) I would be the (A) shoulder you could (G) cry on,(A)
the (D) heart and soul you (A) know you could rely(Em) on,
(G)with every breath I'll ever take,
I (F#m) swear I'll never let (Dm7) forever (A)end,
(D)if you (G) loved me
(D)if you (Em7) loved me, (A) again(D).

(D) There was a time, (G) I had it (A)all with you,
(D) till it came undone, (G) from what I (A)didn't do,
(A)now he's (Bm)makin' (A/C#)the same mis(D)takes,
(Em7)And when he loses you, (A) if it's not too late, (G) (A)
repeat chorus: 2x's

Song sounds good strummed, with an off beat....
Добавлено: 22.10.2013
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