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Lauren Oconnell - Maybe True Stories - аккорды и текст, видео

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Lauren Oconnell - Maybe True Stories - аккорды и текст, видео

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Maybe True Stories
Lauren Oconnell
Intro: D

D         A          G   /   D   
I've been trying to quantify
D          A                  G
All of the wrong that one can pack into a lie
D             A             G          D
And I've been trying to put on a scale
D        A                                    G
Just how bad all of that wrong should make me feel

          Bm                           A
'Cos they told me once when I was young
     G            D
That liars are as liars do
           A               D
And if you do, it's off to Hell with you
G                  D
No smiling, kid, I speak the truth
           Bm                                  A
But I've a sneaking feeling they were liars too
   G                                    D
So logically, then, we're all hypocrites
                    Bm                A                       D
But does it make it better or make it worse to be aware of it?

D                A                  G       D
I'm convincing myself that it's all relative
                D                A                 G
And if there's a God, when He forgives, I think He must consider it
          D           A             G           D
I've been noticing confusion in the laws he made
     D            A                  G 
The nature of the truth and where it bends and where it breaks

            Bm                      A
And where I twisted it to my benefit
          G                  D
When this man said he was in love with me
      A                   D
And I thought that he was dumb to be
     G                D
So I pretended that I was asleep
          Bm                                 A
Called it free will what he willed to believe
       G                                  D
And it ended, so I guess it's just as well
                   G             A                 D
But that's why sometimes I think I might go to Hell

(during the bridge, just play:) G - D - G - D - Bm - A  (2x)

      Bm                                     A
And I worry too, how I never mentioned to you
      G                    D
How I drove your car while you were gone
  A                     D
A mile with the parking brake still on
        D                D
'Cos it seems to me, you wait too long
    Bm                                       A     
You may as well have not meant well all along
       G                                          D
So I'm hoping hard if it's the thought that counts
               G            A                      D - D7
That you don't ever have to know what I think about

G                                                       D
And that every soul can always fit thought Heaven's door
         Bm                  A                        D
With the weight of things it never told anyone before.
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