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Laura Veirs - Wide-eyed Legless - аккорды и текст, видео

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Laura Veirs - Wide-eyed Legless - аккорды и текст, видео

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Авторы: Laura Veirs

Wide-eyed Legless
Laura Veirs
Hey guys. I heard this song and loved it, so I thought I'd figure out the
chords...Here's what I got, so I figured I'd share. Hope it works! Here goes.

For the verses: G#m B F# E
For the chorus: B E G#m F#

1st Verse:

G#m            B
Down among the dead
             F#                E
The wide-eyed and the legless, only half a head
G#m             B
Half a mouth to laugh from the porthole
F#                 E
With the more than faded epitaphs

G#m B F# E x2


B                  E         G#m              F#
Will you ever more tie up my hair with velvet bows?
B                 E             G#m               F#
Will you ever more pull out the splinters from my toes?
I don't think so

2nd Verse:

G#m               B                 F#
Out in the hornet rain the swarming stingers
Pumping poison through my veins
G#m            B
Lacking on the star-crossed lover's map
F#               E
Take the beating lash, lash for lash

G#m B F# E x2


B                 E           G#m               F#
Will we ever more kiss on the boardwalks fading red?
B                   E             G#m           F#
In the light of the waves and the comets waning tail
I don't think so

Outro (Play x4):

G#m                B             F#m
No more looking back, looking back, looking back
Faded epitaph

Close with:

G#m B F# E (x2)

And that's it. Hope you guys like it. I might also submit a tab version of it
sooner or later because the actual notes for it aren't very tough. I just need
to get it in guitar form. Anywho, enjoy.
Добавлено: 23.06.2013
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