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Laura Veirs - Riptide - текст песни, таба, видео

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Laura Veirs - Riptide - текст песни, таба, видео

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Tabbed by sebodos aka zappy the koala

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Riff1  F
I think there are two guitars:
The first playing the bass F# and the second positioned xx3211 playing the high notes on G, B and E strings

E |------------------------------------1--------------|
B |------------------------------1---4---1------------|
G |-------------------3-2----2-3-----------3-2--------|
D |---3---3---3---3-----------------------------------|
A |---------------------------------------------------|
E |-1---1---1---1---1---------------------------------|

Verse (F with Riff1)
Riptide pulls me out into the open sea
My toes dangle for a place to stand and be

Chorus (Eb  F  C#  Bb  F)
Eb                                  F (G: 2 3 B:1 G:3 2)
Oh starry night come and chart a course
Or send me a boat with an anchor set 
I'll pull myself

Verse (F with Riff1)
Left with essence 
Of the moon and stars and night

There's no other route
I cannot take self to flight

Bridge (Eb  F) 
I'll float here with the shrimp and brine
And on my cheeks and hair
The salt will always shine
And with this phosphorescence map
A sailor's chart a mermaid's hand 
Something I'll find

Chorus (Eb  F  C#  Bb  F)
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