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Last Alliance - Shissou English - аккорды и текст, видео

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Last Alliance - Shissou English - аккорды и текст, видео

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Новый альбом группы 'Черный Кузнец' по культовому сериалу 'Сверхъестественное'!
Shissou English
Last Alliance
This is just the English version of the first tab enjoy(:

A:002220                Barr:577655
D:000232                Barr:557775
E:022100                Barr:779997
Dm:000231               Barr:557765

      DM7       C#m7      F#m       B7      x2

A                D                E          
I run and run a thousand miles
                          A    E/G#
and I am barely breathing
 F#m                    C#m        
Only the fuel of a passion heart
            D               E
Keeps this body strong and moving forward

A                        D           
But, could it be I found a place to rest
E               A  E/G#
How far until I'm ok?
F#m                          C#m       
Trees of the town reveal the time has come
 D                        E 
Once again to shift our shade and colors
D                  A                      C#7       
The world always changes around us but weakness will
always remain
Through all the pain,
             D                Dm       E       
Believe in, who we are right here and now
Raise one hand to the sky!
Raise them both!

Lift them high!
And you'll cut through the darkness,

Make it go!

     D       E        A    
The time to start is now!
    D      E        A
And I can show you how!
 D        C#m         F#m                  E          D        E   A
Start with me and the world will be even bigger than ever before

(intro chords) DM7 Cm#7 F#m B7

A                           D       
   The road that's gonna take me home tonight
 E                       A    E/G#  
   Is just the same as always
F#m                                C#m      
Led by the brink up all along the way
         D                E
Of the flicker from the street lamps fading

D                    A         
The town's falling down all around me
C#7                         F#m
Yields to a breeze I felt before
  E          D               Dm                         E
And now I'm sure its blowing at my back and guiding me

DM7                                C#m7     
In my heart will be where, I will lead this despair
           F#m                          B7
 'til the tears all dry up and finally stop
D        E           A   
No goal has been found!
  D                       E                A
But we're not turning around!
D            C#m              F#m        E      
I'm tearing through that the wind I knew,
         D         E     A
Running and not slowing down!

(intro chords x2) DM7 C#m7 F#m  B7

D              E                 
Those bitter days are calling
C#m         F#m
For you and me to love
D            E       
Do you not want to open
C#m           F#m                  D      Dm   E
The forbidden box that holds our dreams!

            A                         E             
You can choose to go first, you can choose to go last.
         C#7                        F#m
Just as long as you move, you'll be okay!
      D          E        A    
And we'll still let you go!
D             E       A
And you can bet I know!

 D            C#m          F#m            E
But where and how that is learnt 'til now,
      D           E             A
is leading each step of the way!

Raise one hand to the sky!
Raise them both!

Lift them high!
           F#m                                  B7   
And you'll cut through the darkness-make it go!

(intro chords) DM7 Cm#7 F#m B7     x2 end on DM7

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