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Larry Pierce - Nymphomaniac - аккорды и текст, видео

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Larry Pierce - Nymphomaniac - аккорды и текст, видео

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Larry Pierce
"Nymphomaniac" by Larry Pierce
Transcribed by Maniac1075


(Eb) - (C) - (Eb) - (C) - (Eb) - (C)

[Riff 1]

(Bb)                        (Eb)
Well I come home from work, and I pour myself a scotch
(F)                         (Eb)                               (Bb)
While my baby's got her clothes off, and she's reaching for my crotch
(Bb)                        (Eb)
She says she's been so horny, and she's rubbed her pussy raw
(Bb)                        (Eb)                      (Bb)
So I hit her in the shitter, and I poked her in the jaw


(Bb)                                    (Eb)
Yeah she fucks me every morning yeah she fucks me every night
(F)                                     (Eb)           (Bb)
She fucks me on the couch and on the porch in broad daylight
(Bb)                                    (Eb)             
She's got a hundred dildos that she sticks up every crack
(F)                               (Eb)      (Bb)
My baby's fucking crazy, she's a nymphomaniac

[Riff 2]
Well she likes her golden showers, and she's into S&M
And she likes me to take her picture, while my cum drips down her chin
And she likes to dress up kinky, with her boots & cowboy hat
Watching porno movies, while my piss runs down her back

[Back to chorus]

[Riff 3]
Well I knew my little peter, couldn't keep her satisfied
So I got me an operation to increase my peter size
Now every time I fuck her, she goes wild with every stroke
Then I finish her off slowly, so my cum won't make her choke

[Back to Chorus]
Добавлено: 01.04.2012
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