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Larry Pierce - Every Time I Shit - аккорды и текст, видео

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Larry Pierce - Every Time I Shit - аккорды и текст, видео

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Every Time I Shit
Larry Pierce
"Every time I Shit"
Written by Larry Pierce
From the album "Pussy Whipped" (2007)
Transcribed by Maniac1075

C# - Eb - Ab

	Well I'm sitting on the toilet
	Staring at the walls
        	 (C#)            (Eb)  
	I can feel the cool clear water 
	Splashing soft against my balls
	Well that's when I start thinking
	About my favorite fantasy
	         (C#)            (Eb)
	And my dick begins to harden
	As the shit pains come through me

[ Chorus ]
        (Ab)                     (C#)
	And I think about you every time I shit
	I think about your pussy
		   (C#)           (Ab)
	I wanna lick your clit
	With each fart I fantasize
	About my head between my thighs
		 (Eb)         (C#)            (Ab)
	yes I think about you every time I shit

[riff 2]

	Girl when I get Diarrhea
	That's when I most wanna see ya
                 (C#)                    (Eb)
	And when the smell fills up the room
	Girl, to me, it's your perfume

	And with every little grunt
	oh I think about your cunt
                 (C#)             (Eb)
	And my stomach starts to gurgle
        And my hemorrhoids start to bleed

(Back to Chorus)	

[Riff 3]
	Well Girl, it's almost over
	Time to flush and say goodbye
                (C#)             (Eb)
	as I gently wipe my asshole
	I choke up and start to cry

	So I reach into the toilet
	And I pick up a piece or two
                (C#)               (Eb)
	And I smear the bathroom walls
	With these few words, I love you

[outro chorus key change] - (Bb)-(Eb)-(Ab)
Добавлено: 15.06.2012
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