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Larry Norman - You Shall Be Saved - аккорды и текст, видео

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Larry Norman - You Shall Be Saved - аккорды и текст, видео

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You Shall Be Saved
Larry Norman
		   "You Shall Be Saved"
Written and Performed by Larry Norman
>From the Street Level Records album "A Moment in Time"
Copyright information unknown

1. I don't know what the future holds, don't know what life will bring

   But I ain't worried 'bout nothin' 'cause God's figured out everything
       D                                            A
   I got one foot on this earth, one foot t'ward the grave
       E                     D                      A
   But I know in Whom I have beleived and I shall be saved

2. Well you might lose your father, you might lose your mother
   You might lose your sister, you might lose your brother
   Everyone you know and love has one foot t'ward the grave
   But if they know in Whom they have beleived they shall be saved

3. This world is goin crazy, it's comin' to an end
   But do not be afraid, reach out and love your friends
   Pray for your enemies that they shall not be enslaved
   If they know in Whom you have beleived, they shall be saved

Bridge 1: Life among the living sometimes seems so strange
          People say they love you then People change
          Weary by the Journey, sad beyond our years
               C                     B             D
          But just remember in our Father's house there are no tears

4. Respect your children and show them dignity
   Love them when they're at their worst then kiss them once for me
   Show them faith and holiness, teach them to be brave
   G they'll know in Whom they have beleived and they shall be saved

5. Pray for you leaders hat they'll swallow their pride
   And seek God for direction and let the Spirit Guide
   Pray for all the nation that they won't be depraved
   Then they'll know in Whom you have beleived and they shall be saved

Bridge 2: There ain't no condemnation for those who live in Him
          Blessed are the peacemakers and those he lives within
          Whenever hatred beckons lift your hands in peace
          Pray for those in bondage that they shall be released

6. Doesn't matter how you've fallen, let it pass with the wind
   Because Love covers a multitude of sins
   Get up and keep on walkin', resist those things you craved
   For if you walk Him in Whom you have beleived you shall be saved

This is the version from "A Moment in Time" which is very simalar to the
version on "Omega Europa" called "One Foot Toward the Grave." There are
different verses and some verses dropped in the "Omega Europa" version.

Please pray for Larry as he has a not-so good heart condition right now.

Transcribed by Jeff Nordstrom
Добавлено: 14.09.2013
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