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Larry Norman - Why Dont You Look Into Jesus - аккорды и текст, видео

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Larry Norman - Why Dont You Look Into Jesus - аккорды и текст, видео

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Why Dont You Look Into Jesus
Larry Norman
		   Title: Why Don't You Look Into Jesus?
Artist: Larry Norman
E-mail and name of tabber: Caleb Shoemaker (

G                                                       C
Sippin' whiskey from a paper cup, you drown your sorrows till you can't stand up.
G                                                                                   D  
Take a look at what you've done to yoursel, why don't you put the bottle back on the 
G                                                                   C
Shelf.  Yellow finger from your cigarettes, your hands are shakin' while your body 


G                                    D
Why don't you look into Jesus,
He got the answers.

G                                                                 C
Gonareah on Valentines day, and you're still lookin' for the perfect lay.
G                                                                               D
You think rock and roll will set you free, honey, you'll be deaf before you're 33
G                                                                 C
Shootin' junk until you're half insane, broken needle in your purple vein.


Repeat the chorous several times.  There's an outro, but I don't know the proper
set up for the chords.  Enjoy!     
Добавлено: 04.10.2013
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