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Larry Norman - Selah - аккорды и текст, видео

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Larry Norman - Selah - аккорды и текст, видео

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Larry Norman
		   From Thu Sep 14 16:07:15 1995

SELAH by Larry Norman

G           D     C            G
Me and my brother went down to Russia,
G                 D                       C           G 
We've played our songs, we've played our drums and guitars.
G        D             C                G
Am I supposed to be impressed with Glasnost?
G                     D          C           G  
Well, what about the Christians still behind bars?

G  D   C  G G   D    C  C* D
Se-lah,se-lah,se-lah,se-lah (2x)

(the rest of the song uses the same chords, so here are the lyrics)

You ripped me off, but I ain't gonna sew ya,
our Father does not like it when we act that way.
Here, take my coat but what good will it do ya,
you feel much better if we stop and pray.

selah,selah,selah,selah (2x)

My songs are spiritual fornication,
that's what this television preacher said.
I guess he knows a lot about fornication,
I heard he wrote some sermons in a prostitutes bed.

selah,selah,selah,selah (2x)

PS: I don't know the real name of the C* chord so I named it like this, these are the settings

    0 1 0 0 2 3
C*= e b g d a e  (if ypu know the real name, write me on
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