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Larry Joe Taylor - Third Coast - аккорды и текст, видео

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Larry Joe Taylor - Third Coast - аккорды и текст, видео

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Новый альбом группы 'Черный Кузнец' по культовому сериалу 'Сверхъестественное'!
Third Coast
Larry Joe Taylor
Third Coast
Larry Joe Taylor
        C                                 F
        He said, I left California back in '76
        Dm                   Am
        the music died with Jimi Hendrix
        C                          G
        things got crazy in San Francisco
        C                                  F
        But thumbin' cross the country, I thought I would freeze
        Dm                            Am
        So I followed Buffet to the Florida Keys
        C                                                     G
        Where I nearly got busted, with a load,of snow white cargo
2nd verse
        C                                       F
        But I picked up this boat, in a illegal deal
        Dm                       Am
        You could say, I got a  hell of a steal
        C                                            G
        But I couldn't stay there, so I headed to Islamado
        C                      F
        But as a sea captain, I  ain't worth a damn
        Dm                 Am
        Out in the ocean I got all turned around
        C                                               G
        Then I limped into Bolliver, with a hole in my hull
        C                                     F
I said  if I ain't sinkin', well I must be swimin'       
        Dm                   Am
        If I ain't dead, I must be livin'
        C                                        G
        Livin' is the thing, that scares me the most
        C                          F
        And if I ain't sleepin', well I better be fishin'
        Dm                  Am
        If I ain't anchored I will be driftin'
        C                F
        But all and all, I'm doing pretty good,
        G                       C
        since I hit my third coast
** play this lick twice before going into the next verse

3rd verse
Said I'd quit the weed, pokin' holes in my arms
I gotta stay straight, weather these storms
When they blow in off the gulf, in the fall of the year
See Port Bolliver, was a blessing to me
It gave me a chance to give it back to the sea
I think god every morning when I wake up and
I'm still here.

2nd chorus
And I ain't sinkin' So I must be swimin'
I ain't dead so I must be livin'
Livin' is the thing that still scares me the most
And if I ain't sleepin' then I'd better be fishin'
If I ain't anchored, I will be driftin'
but all and all, I' doing pretty good
since I hit my third coast

4th verse
So you gotta stand up boy, If you wanna make ends meet
'cause the ropes to short when your on your knees
you gotta listen for the ring, if you wanna answer the call.
'cause fishin' ain't fishin, fishin' ain't fun
livin' ain't livin' less you feel like you've won
winning ain't winning if it ain't worth the cost

3rd chorus
See if you ain't sinkin' well your swimin'
if you ain't dead, your livin'
livin' is the thing, better scare you the most
And if you ain't sleepin' well ya better be fishin'
If you ain't anchored, you will be driftin'
All and all, you'll be doing pretty good
when you find your third coast
when you find your third coast

Yea, see ol'Jack he'd roll out of his bunk about 6:30
in the morning, say, "Larry Joe, I'm gonna teach you how
to sail today buddy. You gotta get your sea legs under ya.
You gotta roll with them waves. You gotta get right.
Lord, you gotta get right."
Добавлено: 12.05.2015
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