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Lady Sovereign - A Little Bit Of Shhh - текст песни, видео

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Lady Sovereign - A Little Bit Of Shhh - текст песни, видео

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Новый альбом группы 'Черный Кузнец' по культовому сериалу 'Сверхъестественное'!
Авторы: Louise Amanda Harman, Gabriel Olegavich

Yeah is dis Mike on? Riiiitteeeee 

Lil shhh for the mc please (thankyou) 

[Verse 1:]

Ya way aint step away now back away 

Cos d only ting I be is heavy weight 

Let me demonstrate da key to create 

Check out d vibe dat i am create 

You want me to stop well it's too late 

Want me to flow? Haha neva me 

Neva hesitate to drop da mic' 

I neva... hesitate to do what I like 

Neva hesitate to pick up my fight 

At d fings dat challengin at my vibe 

Continue? Yes im sure 

Get off my little caniball 

I will leave it so old so old like a beat up whore 

Eyes dem after a dumb hard draw 

High ten lyrics dem against d law 

Be lame right now wen d girls so flaw... 

Eatin bread n water 

My living can count its slaughter 

Wid a order 

Have u come to a decision? 

Yes shes going to... 

Don't Send me dere 

Da beef for my livin just get u no war 

Dnt really care write what I like 

Say every type of prayer 

Oh yeah be aware... 


Yo a lil bit of shhh for me 

A lil bit of quiet for the mc 

A lil bit of shhh for me 

Make way for the S.O.V 

A lil bit of shhh for me 

Now shut ya mouth for d MC 

A lil bit of hush for me 

Right now its d S.O.V 

Ritteee haha 

Don't joke wiv us move forward please (thankyou thankyou)

[Verse 2:]

Yeah about one nightstand 

Wat u fink of my stands 

Right now how it sounds I go zippy cold hands (oww)

An acoustic band got some hands up some hands 

All my fans im in trouble uh-oh 

Down sauf d pollution man go down 

Well I make up noise like pots and pans 

Dey shuld put my voice on a ice cream van 

Dat way da streets wnt b bland 

Big headed no cough headed yes 

I must confess well im neva gonna rest 

Well done less i dnt wana mess 

Here comes the press!! 

Nuva damn reporter 

Obsessed wid my disorder 

Diagnosis please whats wrong wiv her Bill? 

She's ill 

Nah she's... 


Ohmygod!! Pete Ellis!! Ohhh! 


[verse 3:]

[Haha] BRRRRRRRRR its cold ders a new top girl on row 

Runnin ting running ting running ting everyting Oh u been told?! 

Twisted shit lyk wen I gully 

So let me carry on while u sit back and vomit 

Some sit crooked like Wallis and Gromit 

Cos u kno... u cant stop it 

Some don't like me like da homeless 

Spitters of madonna's story unpoorly 

Lets keep writin surely u could ignore me 

But then again if u saw me you'll adore me (aww) 

Cos im so cute and scrawny 

Spit on a track and leave it so horny (hmm) 

And who taught me? Nobody 

I did it all by myself, u cant stop me! 



It's ok, it's alright u, u can start making some noise now if u like, ya kno wat I mean right? 

Im not gonna go completely off the rail ya no wat I mean?Ha fanku... 


Hey! [Whistle] alright now calm down please 

Alright now a lil bit of shhh... 

[chorus x2]
Добавлено: 18.05.2012
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