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Lady Lamb The Beekeeper - Ten - аккорды и текст, видео

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Lady Lamb The Beekeeper - Ten - аккорды и текст, видео

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Lady Lamb The Beekeeper
Standard tuning
Capo 5

   Em     C    G   
so easily I forgot lifting
    Em         C   G
the sandbox in Arizona and catching
    Em         C       G
the geckos and keeping them as pets
     Em        C       G
in a halloween candy's jack-o-lantern
      Am                                G
their tails would fall clear from their bodies
and we'd shriek and we'd run from them
        Em C G
keep on playing
Em C G
   Em C G
my sister

Em  C       G
she is with me
     Em      C    G
even when we are apart
        Em     C           G
we were wading through the water
            Em         C      G
flashlights flickering in the dark
             Am                        G
climbing the laundry post in the tomato garden
       Am              G
spying on the neighbors swimming
Em C G
        Em C G
we were laughing
     Em C G
that night

   Em          C       G
in Maine I met my best friend
Em          C   G
talking til 7am
Em                C     G
realizing we were both afraid of the notion
   Em         C                 G
of having our brains be in the body of a whale
       Am                              G
in the ocean deep where the light don't reach
and I loved him instantly
                     Em C G
I knew we would keep talking
Em C G
        Em C G
on that drive

Em     C       G
up the winding mountain roads
     Em     C     G
from Hudson to Vermont in the season's first
Em              C             G
snow, the boys asleep in the back of the car
Em             C              G
we were in the front we were singing along
         Am                                    G
to every word of the songs that helped make us who we are
at the top of our lungs
Em C G
Em C G
   Em C G
my mother

   Em         C       G
my mother she keeps a journal
       Em        C   G
of her childhood memories as they return
   Em             C       G
my favorite's the story recounting when she
       Em           C           G
saw an eagle with a fish in its mouth
        Em          C           G
she was ten and she wrote it down
          Em           C             G
there's a sweetness in us that lives long past the dust
       Em            C            G
on our eyes once our eyes finally close

Em C G (x2)
Добавлено: 14.11.2015
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