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Lady Lamb The Beekeeper - Beluga - аккорды и текст, видео

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Lady Lamb The Beekeeper - Beluga - аккорды и текст, видео

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Lady Lamb The Beekeeper
RIP Billy Ruane

Capo 3

C Am F G
Am F C G

C                      Am 
I knelt before The Sky awaiting Her reply,
        F                           G
but she refused to pour herself all over me.
So I bowed my head in shame
The Sea was, she was hugging my waist
F                                                G
and mumbling words of encouragement that I would only forget. 

Am                  F 
And I wished for to unlearn, unlearn,
C           G
unlearn the alphabet.

Am       F 
So as to make the sounds slide off my tongue
G                                        C (once)
in the shape, in the form of the Ancient Sun! ....

C                      Am 
My song would make the earth a little warmer
F                                          G
and I would hope it would make it a little brighter.
                           C (once)
And my song would go, it'd go: ladida da da.
Am                 F                 G 
Ladida oh oh oh oh oh. Lada di da da da di da 
And I laid myself on down
Am                F                                   G (once)
and i drifted out out towards the center, towards The Lighthouse.
C                      Am
And I thought in only pictures in my head,
F                              G
reverse every image to make it majestic.
C                   Am                      F
And I began to sink into the deep, the deep Caress.
The heavy depth. The Honey Swell, The Honey Swell 

Am                     F
and I, I wished for to become a beluga whale
C                            G
to be that song that someone sings to the one they love

to send them off to sleep.
To send them off to sleep.
                   F                             G
That one song that someone sings to the one they love the most. 

Oh oh oh oh oh oh sleep 
                F                     C
Drifting off to sleep Drifting off to sleep
Drifting out to sea.
Oh oh oh oh sea.
Drifting out to sea, 
                C                         G
drifting out to see, oh do you still want me?
Oh Billy, See?
Oh Billy, don't you see?
      C                   G
how I long to sing you to sleep.

with a little bit of baby beluga in the deep blue sea,
you swim so wild you swim so free
F                             G
the heavens above and the sea below

oh oh oh oh oh oh oh
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