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La Union - Quiet Money (Blood Money) - текст песни, видео

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La Union - Quiet Money (Blood Money) - текст песни, видео

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Новый альбом группы 'Черный Кузнец' по культовому сериалу 'Сверхъестественное'!
featuring AZ, Halfamil, Animal 

*imitating "Scarface"* 

"Hey hey, we about to take shit over, right Tony? (yeah) 
You hear me? I'm talkin big money, big money (uh-huh, Quiet Money y'all) 
We gonna take this over, let's slurp this spaghetti (where the crew at) 
Hey hey (where y'all at)" 

Chorus [AZ] 2x 
Blood money, thug money, drug money 
Slug money, run wit me or run from me 
Gun money, sixteen in one money 
>From the streets, these raps and beats become money 

Bitches say I'm spoiled 
I ain't tryin to ball, got no time at all 
Push the Hummer, spend a G on Amaral 
>From Tennesse to Harlem World dunn-dunn 
I'm tryin to cop a planet so I could start a world wit thugs 
They write books on how we used to roam the streets bug 
Holdin chrome and eat blood 
You'll find a chromosome on each slug 
(Slow down dunn, you're killin em) 
Fuck that, tell them niggas keep up 
Matta fact, I'ma speed up 
We came a long way from free lunch 
Stashin mack's in the tree trunks 
Crashin Ac's and hazardous acts, ghetto bastard 
Pos-ses a mack, alligator hats 
Cheese E-A, swallowed jewels 
Me and A, molecules like DNA 
I'ma cruise to the island, we'll be ?eyein' lay? 
Quiet Money, finest way, meet me on a Bahama Bay 
White sand, my dunn shine like Ice Man 
In a hovercraft, poppin bubbly in the bubblebath 
Bitches blowin, ?subject? they ass, thugs'll cash 
Quiet Money, run for your gats (what) 

Chorus 1x *substitute "gun money" w/ "dunn money"* 

Some got a lot of jail, fresh just comin outta they shells 
Spark a L, let me school y'all how to properly swell 
Lay it back, but seein these fool and spray they gat 
Rock a vest, flip cuz he stressed, I ain't amazed wit that 
Advancements, stay play the game, just enhanced it 
Obey a nigga T-P-A, view my transcript 
How rich can I be, speak highly of niggas beatin bodies 
Never try me, trey-pound cop beside me 
Rockin Wallees, my whole dab watch them wisely 
Pops surprise me, raised me high off the Isley's 
Mercilfulless, circle the six, David Berkowitz 
Let the clip spit then murk in the mist 
Gun in my fist, nearly popped one in my bitch 
Check this, on some Donald Goines death wish shit 
Necklace thick, never disrespect this click 
Had a Lexus early '96, switched the shit 
Peep the Q whip, know how these streets do men 
Three to nine, ?assist the gate or do rhyme? 
He got two in, from rich to ruin 
Some cats'll snitch they crew in 
Fresh money got the smell of perfume, we tryin to move in 

Chorus 2x 

It's the Animal, you recognize the voice, who this is 
Cotton in the mouth, duct tape around the kids 
Fuck Versace, livin the life of Liberace 
Shorties try to copy, be pumpin bombs in the building lobby 
Bad turns, spread the beef like germs 
Motherfuckers never learn till you crawlin wit worms 
When it's time to kick ass, I got the steel-toe boot out 
Break the loot out, I bring grenades to a shoot out 
Plus your ones up, you should never put your guns up 
Shit, niggas waitin in the cut for you to fuck up 
Press your luck up, you fuck around and get stuck up 
I trick a hundred, drinkin biz and gettin blunted 
I'm just like AIDS kid, don't none of y'all cats want it 
If so, I'm stealin on you like a thief 
Like a vegetarian, you don't want no beef 
Go against all odds, fuck the baddest broads 
Run a hundred yards, I'm even down wit the Beast Gods 
Shit is real in the field guard your grill 
Like Steven Segal, me and dogs Hard To Kill 
You ain't never seen niggas more cold-blooded 
The jewels flooded, let's get the ones we could cut it 
Shit I say split it, if shorty wanna fuck then I be wit it 
She don't suck dick, then forget it 
So I'ma grant you to make a wish like a genie 
Niggas disappearin off the ave like Houdini 
Y'all niggas fools, y'all play the game by the rules 
We pack tools, stickin niggas for the jewels 
Uh, what 

Chorus 2x 

Uh, what what AZ now 
Uh, Quiet Money y'all 
Uh, what yo yo
Добавлено: 27.05.2012
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