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La Union - Ny's Freestyle - текст песни, видео

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La Union - Ny's Freestyle - текст песни, видео

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Новый альбом группы 'Черный Кузнец' по культовому сериалу 'Сверхъестественное'!
featuring Big L, McGruff, I Born, C.L. Smooth 

[Big L] 
Check it out now 
Big L Corleone (no doubt), Flamboyant Entertainment (uh-huh) 
One love to my big brother Big Lee 
Holdin it down from the inside right now (come one) 
When you come home it's on (watch this) 
Herb McGruff (yo), Universal, Harlem World shit 
Yeah (no doubt), 1-3-9 and Lennox shit (you know how we do) 
Uh, danger zone shit, check it out 

I be twistin bitches alot, have em sit on this cock 
I wasn't prepared for this, I wrote my shit on the spot 
I be droppin like early August, late July 
Wit tracks that'll make you cry, hate you die 
Stop frontin, you got no dough, might a had, but not no mo' 
You mad cuz I knocked yo' hoe 
While cops watch me, I got cats that watch po-po 
My block loco, don't need a crew I rock solo (what) 
Or wit my nigga Gruff 
These faggot niggas ain't as rich as us 
I need chicks to lust, smoke my weed mixed wit dust 
Go ahead and let your crew soup you up 
In the ambulance, gon' have to come and scoop you up 
Fuck wit my last soul, my new shit is goin past gold 
And if you don't agree, you's a asshole 
Mark my word, you gon' make me pump the bird 
And spark this herb, to homicide chomp the curb, ya heard? 
I never hesitate to bump my gun 
Harlem World, y'all know where the fuck I'm from 

The game of life, got ups and downs, downs and ups 
Kingpin cats lose they crowns in cuffs 
Some get murdered, some get shot (boaw boaw boaw) 
So lay on, nigga her-oin, cocaine, pot it don't stop 
Rise to the top, nigga stop despisin my pops 
Yeah I rap, but still got them pies on the block 
Bitches lookin at the size of my rocks, size of my knotts 
Keep a stash box, ride wit them glocks 
Smoke 'dro, fuck po-po, fly from the cops 
(What) I'm Gruff and I'ma die for my props 
Die by the gun, thou shall come but for now have fun 
Fuck bitches, party, Cristal on my tongue 
Violence is young, wild as they come 
Catch me in Harlem World smokin silence wit sons, what 
Aiyyo cats wanna talk trash, yo I talk cash 
And take it, make they ass get naked 
It's a stickup (get on the floor),y'all niggas crash the pavement 
Pass yo' chains, pass yo' Rollies, pass yo' bracelets 
Or feel them hollow laced tips nigga 
I spray clips at the punks that be runnin they lips 
Not ?cunnin? they bitch, gunnin them 
Squeeze off, don't miss none of them 
Shoot po-po right in front on them 
Double-M, goddamn niggas shouldn't have fucked wit him 
Y'all niggas sufferin, I'm thug hustlin 
Rushin in, in coke spots, cold bustin in 
Yeah it's us again, stuck you before 
Tied your monkey-ass up, took the bucks and the raw 
Nigga what, yeah Harlem World, Big L, Herb McGruff 
Nigga holdin it down, 9-8 shit, fuck that, word up 

[I Born] 
Aiyyo holy war, chrome four-four 
Twelve shots call, I came deep 
One-hundred-one wolves at your front door 
Mouths foamin, rubber grips laid on my hip 
Cock it and spit, slit his whole shit, empty the whole clip 
Pretty kid, broke a few ribs, did a murder bid 
Four-five, got hit wit two more, then the god slid 
Why try, watched men die, let the slugs fly 
Stay high, I'm from the streets Murderville, NY 
I told y'all I was comin, niggas thought I was frontin 
I want it all, in nine-bill I'm sayin something 
MC's petro, me lose hell no, you're wet no 
My verbal techno, spit it for dire out the Expo 
Me and D-O, on the lee-low, lay low 
Call Grago, Boriquas call em Flaco 
The latest Timb's, I got those 
Burn that ass like tobassco, you know my name 
Hot hell, Fidel Castro, ask no 
Questions, fuck you and your weapon 
You're pussy, your gun ain't went off since '87 
My Mac-11 shot thirty-three in your direction 
Where I come from, bums bust guns, what you expected 
Well connected, from the slums where life's hectic 
Niggas starvin, need paper, jackal's is desparate 
Aiyyo movin like Israeli, sippin Henny in Bentley's 
Got a deal now, I'm signed what the fuck can you tell me 
What, Murderville, all square beware 
Hot-hell nigga tortured 

[C.L. Smooth] 
Ha, listen closely, to how C.L.'s focus be 
Who wrote me, a diamond-gold ball rosary 
Had supposedly, tarnished his name and status 
Draw the fastest, force him go to the mattress 
Imagine this, in my technique's 
This swervin authentic version M.D. Mount. to Vernon 
Touchin anybody like that lime in Bacardi 
To whippin all the watercrafts down in Yardie 
Half-steppin, hardly make it son, perfectly clear 
My yacht master pay your rent for the year 
The buck stops here, ain't a damn thing funny 
Barbershop niggas always bad-mouthin money 
Or maybe, I'm the whole key to you shtick 
Hearin cats talk about me like a chick 
They gotta be sick, ad-libbing we singin 
Went from day one over there we bring it 
Or scrap like hockey, cock-ing, blow it ?a-key? 
The poss-e, car shows under the marquee 
Dressed up, caked out, and vest up 
Better rest up, pop bottles till I'm messed up 
Paper chase, play clubs like a vacation 
On occasion, politicin my situation 
Every broad care, what he drive, what he wear 
Wit a bonier whisperin the shit in my ear 
Yeah, the bombshell, trapped in the Caramel 
Get the parcel, iced down the cartel 
Knowin C.L.,do know you mack slow 
Bitches act though, bigger niggas call me Fatso 
Heavy-weight, regulate the tri-state 
My team can't wait, for the date to navigate 
Let me demonstrate, through time my man handsome 
To keep all the pretty girls dancin, HA 
Yeah yeah yeah yeah, I go around the world wit this yaknowim sayin?
Добавлено: 22.07.2012
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