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La Union - Livin - текст песни, видео

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La Union - Livin - текст песни, видео

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Новый альбом группы 'Черный Кузнец' по культовому сериалу 'Сверхъестественное'!
featuring Blaze, Sticky Fingaz, X-1 

(Do you believe in God? '98 nigga) 

[Sticky Fingaz] 
I'm from New York nigga, the murder capital 
Come in my hood wearin the wrong shit, they might cap you 
I'm a sinner, I hope God forgive me 
At the rate I'm goin now my moms'll probably out-live me 
All my niggas is hardcore criminals 
All I got left is my word and my genitals 
I'm on some thug shit till I get cremated 
Me and Larry Davis probably related 
I hate the judge and can't stand the cops 
Wanna dump on them pigs till my hands get hot 
You wanna KILL ME? I ain't scared to get smoked 
I'll probably die laughin, cuz y'all niggas is jokes WHAT! 
I wanna wrap my hands around your throat WHAT! 
I'll make Ted Bundy look like the pope 
I show no love cuz I ain't got no feelings 
You know the routine, reach for the ceiling 
And if not for you, do it for your child's sake, nigga 
I'll get you murdered then come to your wake 
I speak in four-letter words, my rhymes is curse 
Niggas ears gon' bleed when they hear this verse 
Holdin court in the streets, I ain't doin a bid 
I'd rather die, put that on my unborn kid 
There's two ways out the game, death or jail 
If there's a God, then WHY THE FUCK I'M LIVIN IN HELL? 

There's two ways out the game, death or jail 
If there's a God, then why He got us livin in hell (4x) 

X-1'll blast five (BLAOW!) through the back of your neck 
Out your mouth, I'll bet that'll straighten you out 
Live shit is the realest shit of all subjects 
And I love wreck, put the pressure on any suspect 
Life tactics is all I spit in my rap shit 
Most y'all cats is wack and need practice 
Get burned to ashes, spit on your casket 
It's mad sick, drastic, it don't get no harder than this 
Squeezin hard for the chips 
More bricks, the larger the wrist but that's the fun of it 
Every car hidden got a gun in it, I'm tryin to get mine 
Get out and run wit it, kid extort your block 
Unorthodox, this is all off the top 
X-1'll throw you off the docks 
And I done laid the best to rest over this music 
Half y'all niggas is S-O-S WHAT 
Stuck On Stupid 


Slugs I send express, take it to your face and chest 
Digest gun smoke, don't provoke finger in trigger 
Been love sick, gat throw like ugly 
Mister thug clip, biggest the slugs hit 
One of you bugs better maintain 
I claim you got game, drown you in a lake of octane 
Never miss when I cock the four-fifth 
Stain your garments, hit any target 
>From New York to Cali, I leave you fucked up in a back alley 
Swell you up and bury your heart 
Shells won't stop fallin, once they start blocks spark 
It's trouble, rippin your parts, for your flesh bubble 
Hell cuddles my life line in this trife time 
Bust shots, live nines 
Drive mines crazy like V-J Day 
Live life the PJ way, it's D-Day 
When A & A sprays 
Travelin, like a heat-seekin javelin 
Blaze slays rivals when battlin 

Добавлено: 21.04.2012
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