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Kyle Park - Fit For The King - аккорды и текст, видео

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Kyle Park - Fit For The King - аккорды и текст, видео

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Fit For The King
Kyle Park
Fit For The King - Kyle Park

Capo 2

D  Em  G  A     D  Em  G  A

You said go on
Beyond the blue neon
              G                  D
'Cause I'm as gone as a girl can get

Out of the blue clear sky
You'd gotten good at goodbye
G                  A
What do you say to that?

Well if I know me
I'll end up drinkin' champagne
      G                         A
With Fort Worth never crossin' my mind
When I reach Marina Del Rey
This cowboy's ridin' away
              G           A          D
And I'll just take it one night at a time

G                        D
What's goin' on in your world?
G                            D
'Cause my world has slipped away
G                   Em
I just can't go on dyin' like this
G                           A
It will always never be the same

D  Em  G  D     D  Em  G  A 
D  F#m  G  D     D  F#m  G  A

G                   D
When did you stop lovin' me?
         G                       D
I didn't come to expect that from you
      G                       Em
But I cross my hear that I'll love you forever
        G                     A
Are the famous last words of a fool

            D                            Em
Well it was easy come easy go, should've blamed it on Mexico
    G                       D
I'm feeling pretty down and out
                  D                      Em
But I've got this eighty proof bottle of tear stopper
   G                         A
To make me feel a little unwound

Right or wrong
You look so good in love
    G                     A
And darlin' you know it's true
You're somethin' special to me
I've got this fool-hearted memory
         G             A                 D         Em       G     
And I'll always be the man in love with you      
        A                 D        Em        G        D
Oh the man in love with you

D  Em  G  A
D  Em  D
Добавлено: 01.06.2016
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