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Kyla Tilley - Little - аккорды и текст, видео

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Kyla Tilley - Little - аккорды и текст, видео

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Новый альбом группы 'Черный Кузнец' по культовому сериалу 'Сверхъестественное'!
Kyla Tilley
(original key capo 3)

D                                       G
daylight; sun hits, the car heats up so hot I can barely move
D                                                  G
just me and the dog sleepin' in the backseat on the side of the road
A                 Bm                     G                  D
this dog has seen more of this world than most people I can name
A                 Bm           G                     D
I got her down in texas so the heat's only botherin' me
A             G                    Bm
roll down the windows, air out the car some before drivin' on
A          G                 Bm                       F#           G          D
breakfast: soda crackers and water, check to see if... I'm runnin' low on gasoline

F#           Bm                       G                           D
don't ask me where I'm from, that's a question too hard for me to answer
F#                          Bm                G                           D
'cause I've been travellin' all my life and I don't recall just where I began
A                   G                       Bm
I got nothin' but a few mixed tapes, an old typewriter, and a couple books
A                   G                  Bm
some worn and faded photographs of the times I now deem to have been better
D         C              G
an old-fasioned suitcase holding lingerie

D                                                G
got the car, I got the dog, too; where's my house full of youngsters
D                                                       G
where's that man still telling me he loves me while his hairline's receding and his belly is growing
A            Bm          G                     D
once I was a little girl, run into my mother's arms;
A                   Bm                   G                      D
she told me one day I'd find love and be holding children of my own
A                 G                          Bm
to think that I believed her then ain' t the hard part, nuh uh
A                   G                      Bm                    F# G D
the hardest part is I'm still wishing that she was right

F#          Bm                         G                     D
a good five years has past since I had someone happy just to hold me
F#        Bm                G                     D
and I was sober then, I had something better to depend on
A                 G              G                            D
some people, they talk a lot and fill you up full of wondrous notions
A                      G                        G              D
and I'm sick of people who just talk, so if you say it, please mean it
A                    G                 Bm
and I'm dancing in a grimy bar for the clientele of a toothless man
A                       G              Bm
stealing change just to stay alive and drinking because I need to
D      C                 G                             D
one by one I've managed to push away every friend I've made

F#            Bm                G                D
I will sing a bitter song when I sit to write my memoirs
F#               Bm                G           D
with a bottle of something hard to wash down my prescription
A               G                  Bm
and when I look back on it, all my stories are pretty hateful
A               G                   Bm          F# G          D
and I got a few happy ones too, but all they do... is make me cry

D                                     G                                        D
midnight; pretty cold in the backseat; me and the dog in a gas station parking lot
Добавлено: 15.12.2015
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