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Koffin Kats - Vampires Curse - аккорды и текст, таба, бас-таба, видео

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Koffin Kats - Vampires Curse - аккорды и текст, таба, бас-таба, видео

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Vampires Curse
Koffin Kats
Please note: as with all KK songs you'll need to tune your entire guitar about half a half-step down
(quarter-step down standard tuning?) if you wish to play along with the recording.
Alternatively, increase the pitch of the original recording a quarter step in software.
Regardless, this song is in E so it's easy to tune to guitar pitch either way.

KK songs are simple but powerful, this one has only 2 chord patterns (verse & chorus).
Sounds great on an acoustic!

Intro chords (verse pattern):
Em C D

Verse 1:
Sitting here, lonely tomb
    C                 D
How many years have I been so doomed?
No use to think it's been so long
C               D
Centuries have come and gone
Yet I still a-wait here for something more
   C                D
To give me back the thrill
Pointless to think of a purpose here
   C            D
If only I could kill

C     B                  Em
Never thought life would be so cold
C            B            Em
Once I was a king now I'm all alone
   C              B                  Em              D
So here's to the lonely hearts cause mine is beating still
C          B         Em
Will this curse ever end?

Em C D

Verse 2:
A trail of blood across the ground
C                   D
Another mortal I've feasted on
Though not for fun, just to survive
C               D
Blood no longer tastes like wine
Many a time have I tried to starve
C                     D
But it never seems to work
Nor can I will myself to stay outside
    C                D
and burn beneath the light


Solo rhythm (verse & chorus patterns):

Em C D x4

C B Em x4

Verse 3:
Sleep the day, stalk the night
C                D
Drink the blood, fear the light
Kill again, hate my ways
C              D
Kill myself so hard to say
So I'll go on rotting on through the years
  C                 D
Until this curse is done
Or maybe I'll someday have enough
    C                D
and step beneath the sun


Outro (chorus pattern):
C B Em x4

Em to end

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