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Kj-52 - Take Every Part Of Me - текст песни, видео

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Kj-52 - Take Every Part Of Me - текст песни, видео

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(feat. Ayiesha Woods)

Woah oh take every part of me

Woah oh cause you got everything I need 

Now Lord I aint gotta whole lot to give 

But what I have it's all yours in every single bit 

Cuz you're the source of my peace the reason that I live

You're what I'm living for and what I mean to say is this 

Take my life right down to every little thing

It aint much but right in now every thing I bring

I give it all to you cuz I've found just when I think

About all you do I'll follow you in everything

I call on you man you always do just what you said 

You make me new and take me through to a place of rest 

And when these stressed out thoughts be running through my head 

You just remind me how far I've come and where I been

And as I thinking about every single thing you did 

And looking back upon where I was when I's a kid

All I can say is take every thing I gots to give 

It's all yours Lord and all I say is this 

Now Lord I've held back in my past 

Held onto certain things I didn't want you to have 

Tried to do it my own way and then watched it crash 

Tried to make it through my day but never tried to ask

Where I'm supposed to go what I'm supposed to do 

But yet you still right there just to bring me through

But now I've figured out exactly what I'm gonna do 

This time around I won't hold a thing back from you 

From big to small I put it all now in your hands 

Cause when I fall you pick me up time and time again 

You dust me off and tell me just to try again 

I know everything you got purpose and a plan

So what I bring to you it's everything that I've had 

I want to give to you everything that I can 

I want to live for you cuz I finally understand 

All I need to do is finally give you everything
Добавлено: 02.04.2012
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