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Kj-52 - Always Here For You - текст песни, видео

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Kj-52 - Always Here For You - текст песни, видео

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(feat. Liquid)

To my unborn son this is for ya 

This song that I've done it comes straight from your father 

It's 2006 I've never saw ya 

But I'm wondering what your gonna look like and what I'll call ya

Will you be like me or like your mother 

Will you one day have another sister or a brother 

The one thing that I know is that im gonna love ya 

Can wait to pick you up kiss you and hug ya

A little scared just to be called a daddy

I wanna give you everything that I was never having 

I want to make sure no thing you're ever lacking

I want you to know that no matter what happens

I'm a love you and you can count on

Anything you go through you can be strong

All you gotta do is trust Him and that's all 

And I'll be right here for you to if you just call 

Daddy's always here for you 

Daddy's always here for you 

In anything that you go through 

Just remember I love you 

Right now I promise that me and your mother 

Will never split up we gone always stay together 

Don't want you to doubt and never wonder 

Cause we built this house on Christ and none other 

At bedtime we'll gone pray for each other 

Then I'll tuck you in at night and pull up the covers

Tell you sleep tight and that's when your mother 

Will turn off the light we gone tell you we love ya 

I'll watch you learn your abc's and your numbers 

Cant wait to see all the things you'll discover 

Fall turns to winter winter turns to summer

You'll grow so fast and so big then I'll wonder 

How did time go by and then I'll tell ya 

About this song that I wrote and then I'll show ya

What I was thinking of you just when I wrote ya 

Cause I wish the best for you and this is what I told ya 

I got the good news it's like yesterday 

In 9 months you're gonna be on your way 

I didn't know what to do or really what to say

See all I knew was to give thanks and pray 

I feel nervous though about everything

I keep wondering what's gonna be your name 

I'm gonna be a dad it's all gonna change

But I'm glad for the blessing God has gave 

You'll be born soon sometime right around in may 

The year 2007 will never be the same 

Me and your mom we gone look back upon this day 

Pull out this song and think about when you came 

It won't be long now you see I can't wait 

To hold you in my arms see your hands and face

Keep you safe from harm and what comes your way

Cause Daddy loves you and that will never change 

Daddy's gonna love you no matter what you go through 

Mommy's gonna love you no matter what you go through
Добавлено: 21.04.2012
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