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Kj-52 - 5 Minutes (In The Garden) - текст песни, видео

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Kj-52 - 5 Minutes (In The Garden) - текст песни, видео

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I got 5 minutes 5 minutes left 

Five minutes till the soldiers till they bring me to my death 

So very close just to breathe my last breath 

As I'm here in the garden I felt the heave of my chest

My disciples are asleep and they rest 

And they can't seem to see just what be coming next

Through the trees the soldiers speed from the west 

Getting closer and closer for me to arrest 

I see blood drops like beads in my sweat 

They run down like a crown right down on my head

I'm laid on the ground face down like I'm dead 

Crying out to you Father let me pass what's ahead 

They pound the nails in my hands the hands and my legs 

As the time runs outs then I hang and I bled 

They are coming down I understand what you said 

So with 4 minutes left this is now what I did saying..

Not my will but let your will be done 

I got 3 minutes 3 minutes left 

3 minutes till the soldiers bring me to my death

I can hear them loud and clear closer then I guessed

While Judas is coming down with the crowd and the rest

They don't even understand right now what this is

They don't know who I am what I have just to give

For ever man every girl every child every kid 

See my death has been planned so many can come to live 

See I know that I got just a few minutes then 

Then they'll come and they'll grab me its the beginning of the end 

See I wont make a sound see I won't even defend 

Myself to the crowd now I'll go just with them 

Cuz I came for this now I came for they sin 

I came to lay my life down then I'll take it up again 

2 minutes I'll be bound and I'll face what's ahead 

With the words from my mouth came out then I said 

I got 1 minute 1 minute left 

1 minute till the soldiers gone bring me to my death 

I can hear all there voices its like a 100 feet ahead 

I can see all the torches now I know what is next 

I'll be beat and tortured then struck on my head 

Forced to carry the cross and I'll be lead 

Up a hill to be killed then I'm left now for dead 

But now it's not my will Father I want yours now instead 

And so I pray won't you please let this cup pass from me

See I want what you want that's all I want for me 

Now I was just betrayed for some fast money 

But the ones that you gave they could never snatch from me (12)

Now my life that I gave see I gave it all away 

And I'll be buried in a grave but I'll come back Sunday 

I was born in a cave but I'll come back one day 

But the time's now up they coming now for me
Добавлено: 26.03.2012
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