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Kirk Franklin - Why we Sing - аккорды и текст, видео

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Kirk Franklin - Why we Sing - аккорды и текст, видео

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Why we Sing
Kirk Franklin

"Why We Sing" By Kirk Franklin

D7                Gb7M     Gbaug
Someone asked the question
Eb         Ab
Why do We Sing?
         Ebm     F        Em Bbm
When we lift our hands to Jesus
      Ebm    Gb   Db
What do we really mean?
Db             Gbaug
Someone may be wondering
Eb                Ab
When we sing our song
   Ebm      F      Ab
At times we maybe crying.
    Ebm9     Gb     Db  Bbm7 
And nothings even wrong
  Am7   Db7         Gbmaj9
I sing because I'm happy
   Cm7b5  F7       Bbm7
I sing because I'm free
Am7  Abm9  Db7    Gmaj9
His eye is on the sparrow
Ab         Ebm7   Gb    Db
That's the reason why I sing
Bbm7       Eb9
Glory Hallelujah  
           Ebm7    Gb   Db
You:re the reason why  I sing
   Eb         Ab7M    Abaug Fm
 when the song is     over
  F            Bb
We've all said Amen
        Fm         G7      Bb
In your heart just keep on singing
    Fm            Ab     Eb    
And the song will never end
Bb   Eb         Abaug Fm
And if somebody asks you
F              Bb
Was it just a show
          Fm        G    Bb
Lift your hands and be a witness
    Fm7      Ab          Eb
And tell the whole world no

       Eb                 Abaug  Fm
And when we cross that river
   F            Bb
To study war no more
        Fm        G7      Bb
We will sing our songs to Jesus
    Fm9         Eb
The one whom we adore
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